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Maryland DUI LawyerHow Does a DUI Affect my Employment?

Have you been charged with drunk driving and you’re worried about your job. We explain the potential consequences of a DUI to your employment.

What is a D.U.I.?

D.U.I. stands for driving under the influence, which is a prohibited act as defined by Md. Code, Transportation, §21-902 (2017). In Maryland, a person may not drive or attempt to drive any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

If someone violates this provision, they could face time in jail, pay excessive fines or be subject to both. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, one could be charged and convicted of a misdemeanor [punishable by one year or less in jail] or a felony [punishable by more than one year in jail].

How does a DUI Affect my Employment?

Driving under the influence could affect you in many negative ways, especially in regard to your employment. Having a D.U.I. could limit your means of transportation to and from work, it could hinder finding employment, and if you are currently employed, it could be a cause for termination.

Loss of Driver’s License Limits Employment Options

Typically, if one is convicted of driving under the influence, they could lose their driver’s license for a period of time. Without a valid driver’s license, you are limited in where you can work as you will most likely have to depend on public transportation.

Public transportation runs on a specific time-schedule and on specific routes, which can affect how far away from home you are able to work and where you work. In addition, you have to concern yourself with public transportation running behind schedule, which you also have to account for. Employers don’t care too much about why you are late, just that you are late. If tardiness becomes an issue, you could lose your job as excessive tardiness is usually a violation of an employer’s policy.  

In addition to having to get yourself to and from work, some jobs will require that you provide your own transportation. This is typical of jobs such as construction where the work site varies and the employer does not provide its employees with company vehicles. If you cannot get from site to site that could be problematic. Providing your own transportation is not only true of construction work, but can also be the case with any management position that expects you to travel.

Not having a valid driver’s license eliminates the option of jobs that require you to drive. These jobs can range from pizza delivery man to commercial truck drivers. It is almost a guarantee that no one will take the risk and hire you to drive for their company without a valid driver’s license. No company wants to take on risk that they may ultimately bear some liability in their employee.

DUI-Sensitive Jobs Won’t Hire You

Some jobs will not hire you with a D.U.I. on your record as it can be seen as compromising to the integrity and responsibilities of their positions, and it is likely a violation of the terms of their employment or service. D.U.I. sensitive jobs include:

  1. employees whose positions require they uphold the law, such as lawyers, judges, and those in law enforcement,
  2. professionals who are charged with the care and well-being of others, such as teachers, clergy members, medical providers, and social service workers,
  3. people who hold public offices, such as politicians and council members,
  4. workers in the transportation industry, including bus drivers, taxi drivers, EMS workers, and those in the commercial trucking industry, and
  5. military personnel and active-duty service members.

If Currently Employed, you Can be Terminated if you Receive a DUI

Maryland is an employment at will state meaning they can fire you at any time for any reason with the exception(s) of discrimination for refusing to engage in illegal conduct, in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim, or for reporting unsafe conditions. Driving while under the influence can be seen as a reckless and irresponsible action, and can be grounds for termination. If the charge alone wasn’t enough for termination, missing days from work for court appearances and mandatory drug treatment could lead to being terminated.

D.U.I.’s can also affect careers for which professional licensing is required. Professional licensing such as lawyers or doctors are required to report any convictions to their respective disciplinary boards. These disciplinary boards are charged with monitoring the conduct of a professional to ensure that they are upholding the standards of the profession. These boards determine the best resolution for both the profession and the professional. Ultimately, a DUI conviction could result in the loss of professional licensing as it typically violates that licensing boards code of conduct.

Maryland DUI Lawyer Can Protect Your Employment

Are you worried about your job after a DUI in Maryland? Hire an experienced DUI lawyer to protect your rights and employment opportunities. A DUI conviction can reflect poorly on your chances to better you job opportunities. A lawyer can work to keep your driver’s license and advise the best course of action after a drunk driving arrest in Maryland. Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today to speak with a DWI and DWI lawyer.