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Bench Warrants in Maryland. Did you miss court or did you violate your probation in Maryland? Do you now have an active bench warrant for your arrest in Maryland? Call the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, at (410) 288-2900 or email the office for immediate legal help.

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Bench warrants are serious in Maryland.  The police can serve a bench warrant at any time you may not expect it or want it.

They can come to your house, they can arrest you at work or if you are stopped by a police office, they can arrest you then.  They will typically ask for your ID and when they run your name in the system and see you have a bench warrant, they will arrest you on the spot.

Bench Warrant – Maryland Attorney

There is a solution to a bench warrant in Maryland.

  1. Hire a lawyer that handles criminal defense matters in Maryland.  Attorney Randolph Rice is a Maryland criminal defense lawyer and is ranked by Super Lawyers as a Maryland Rising Star, Avvo 10 out 10 and Lead Counsel Rated.
  2. The attorney will file a “Motion to Quash a Bench Warrant” with the Court that issued the bench warrant.
  3. You then have to wait for the Judge that issued the warrant to rule on that motion.
  4. The Judge is not obligated to rule on that motion and he or she may deny the motions.
  5. However, if you have retained an attorney and the attorney provides an explanation for failing to appear in Court or violating your probation.  There is a good chance the Judge will grant the motion and issue a summons.
  6. If the Judge grants the motion, then the Court will issue a summons for you to appear in Court on a trial or hearing date.
  7. If the Judge denies the motion, then the bench warrant is still active and you have to turn yourself in to the police and be processed and taken before a court commissioner.

Don’t let a bench warrant haunt you, always causing you to look over your shoulder for fear that you will be arrested.

Contact our office immediately if you have a bench warrant in Maryland at 410-288-2900.


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