Common Traffic Violations in Maryland

We have compiled a list of some of the most common traffic violations in Maryland.  These types of traffic violations are called “Must Appear” violations.  This means the person charged must appear in the District Court for the County/City where they were charged.

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  • Driving on a Suspended License and Privilege
  • Driving on Revoked License and Privilege
  • Driving While License Suspended under a specific section of the code
  • Driving Uninsured Vehicle
  • Driving Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol
  • Driving Under Influence of Alcohol Per Se
  • Driving While Impaired by Alcohol
  • Driving While So Far Impaired by Drug(s) or Drug(s) and Alcohol Cannot Drive Safely
  • Driving While Impaired by Controlled Dangerous Substance

If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland, check out of DUI/DWI penalties page for more information.

Payable Traffic Violations in Maryland

Traffic violations that are “Payable” are traffic violations that you can either pay, request a waiver hearing or request a trial.  If you pay the traffic violation then you would not have to appear in Court.  If you request a waiver hearing or trial, then you would have to appear in Court.

If you request a waiver hearing or trial and you do not appear for you traffic violation trial date, then the Court will notify the MVA and they will suspend your license until you pay the ticket(s).

Traffic violations are serious in Maryland as they can result in fines, court costs, probation, jail and points on your Maryland driving record.

Make sure you hire a lawyer if you are facing Must Appear traffic violations in Maryland.  Attorney Randolph Rice is a former Assistant State’s Attorney and recognized as a Super Lawyer – Maryland Rising Star.  He is also an Avvo 10 out of 10 and Lead Counsel Rated.

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