Maryland State Police to Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint April 16, 2016

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Maryland State Police to Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint on April 16, 2016

“Troopers from the Bel Air Barrack are conducting a sobriety checkpoint on Saturday, April 16, in an effort to prevent alcohol related crashes. In 2014, 35% of fatal crashes in Maryland were alcohol related. In addition to targeted traffic enforcement initiatives, the Maryland State Police continually strive to educate the public and create awareness surrounding the dangers of impaired driving using community outreach initiatives and social media.

The checkpoint this Saturday is being conducted in memory of Janet Hardy. Janet, at the age of 13, was killed in a head-on crash in Harford County on October 26, 2003. The fatal crash was caused by a drunk driver.

The checkpoint will be conducted days after the passing of Noah’s Law. The law, once in effect, will require those convicted of drunk driving to have an ignition interlock device.  The bill was named after Noah Leotta, a Montgomery County Police Officer who was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver in December last year.”

If you are arrested for DUI in Harford County or Bel Air, Md. contact our office to discuss your options and how we can help resolve your case. Call the Randolph Rice DUI DWI defense lawyers at (410) 694-7291 for immediate legal help.

Please don’t drink and drive.

A DUI conviction in Maryland can result in fines, court costs, probation (supervised or unsupervised) or jail.  Don’t take a chance, elect a sober driver or use a ride-share service like Uber to avoid a DUI or DWI arrest.

Jail time for a DUI or DWI in Maryland can range from 60 days in jail up to 4 years depending on the facts of the case and your prior record.

If you are stopped for suspicion of drunk driving in Maryland, you can refuse the breath and field sobriety tests, however it will more likely than not result in the loss of your driving privileges.


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