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Baltimore Suspended Driver’s License Lawyer

Charges for driving with a suspended license usually happen after a traffic stop by a police officer.  An officer will typically stop vehicles that have violated a rule of the road or if the police officer has knowledge that the driver’s license is suspended and the officer can confirm the driver is the one suspended.  In either case, once the police officer has stopped a vehicle in Maryland, they will require three items:

  1. Driver’s License;
  2. Registration for the vehicle; and
  3. Proof of insurance for the driver or vehicle.

The police officer will return to his vehicle or request the information on his radio as to the status of the driver’s license.  In Maryland it is more commonly referred to as a “privilege to drive.” Since you can have a physical driver’s license but your privilege to drive may still be suspended.

Maryland Suspended License Attorney

Attorney Randolph Rice is a Maryland Suspended License Attorney.  He represents individuals that have been charged with driving with a suspended license and driving on a suspended license in Maryland.  He can be contacted at 410-288-2900 or email him directly.  He offers free confidential consultations, and sometimes has same day appointments.

Not Aware Your License Was Suspended

It is not unusual for driver’s to know if their license is suspended in Maryland or in another State.  It usually occurs when an individual fails to pay a fine or fails to report to court for a simple traffic case.  In many cases, a driver will receive a payable traffic ticket and fail to respond within 30 days or pay the ticket.  In that case, the MVA will automatically suspended that driver’s privilege to drive.

If the individual is unaware that his or her license is suspended, that may be a defense to the traffic charges.  In one of the most important cases for Maryland drivers facing driving while license suspended charges, the case of McCallum v. State states that knowledge is an element of driving on a suspended license in Maryland.

Attorney Randolph Rice is a Maryland Suspended License Attorney and he has handled hundreds of cases for individuals that have been charged with driving with a suspended license.  He represents clients throughout Maryland in the District and Circuit Courts.

Driving With a Suspended License

A driver’s license may be one of the most important privileges you have.  If you cannot drive, then you cannot go to work, pick up your children from school or complete the hundreds of daily tasks we take for granted when we have the privilege to drive.  If you’ve been charged with driving while suspended, contact the Maryland Suspended License Lawyer Randolph Rice to discuss your case and how his office can help resolve your traffic tickets.

A number of clients that have been charged with driving while suspended received their suspension because of a DUI or DWI charge.  If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland, let us walk you through the steps.  If you fail to respond to a notice or don’t take the proper steps, your license could be suspended for a considerable amount of time.

As you Maryland suspended license lawyer, Randolph Rice will work with you to ensure you understand the process and what steps he will take to prevent a conviction and additional points on your MVA driving record.

Suspended License Penalty – Maryland Suspended License Attorney

In Maryland, if convicted, the maximum penalty for driving with a suspended license can range from 60 days in jail and a $500.00 fine up to one year in jail and a $1,000.00 fine.  In addition to jail and fines, a Judge could place a driver on supervised probation and make that person pay additional costs through parole and probation.  Driving with a suspended license in Maryland is classified as a misdemeanor.

Don’t take a chance with a driving with a suspended license, contact the Maryland suspended license attorney Randolph Rice at 410-288-2900 for immediate help.

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  1. I recently got pulled over for driving on a suspended license in Baltimore County. I want to thank you for taking my case and helping me out it was such a relief when you showed up in court and did such a great job getting the state attorney to drop the case because I didn’t know my license was suspended.

    1. Paul, Thank you for choosing our office to help with your Maryland suspended license case. I am so glad we were able to resolve the case without any consequences. We are always here if you find you need a lawyer again.

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