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Fighting a Traffic Ticket with a  Maryland Attorney

If you’ve been issued a traffic violation ticket here in the state of Maryland, and you think the accusation is unjust, you’ll want to fight the ticket to save yourself from the consequences of a traffic violation sentencing. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to fight a traffic violation ticket:

File for a Court Hearing

To file for a court hearing here in Maryland, you’ll need to plead not guilty to the traffic ticket that you’ve been issued. The state of Maryland requires that you file your plea within 30 days of any accused violation. In addition to pleading not guilty, the accused may also claim guilty with an explanation, or guilty. You can also request a trial if you plead guilty with an explanation. Pleading guilty with an explanation may result in a reduction of your sentence, traffic charge, or a drop of the charge altogether. However, pleading guilty waives your right to a court trial. If you plead guilty you must comply with the fines and consequences sentenced in concordance with your traffic violation ticket.

Speak with a traffic offense lawyer if you’re unsure which plea you ought to make. A lawyer can also represent you as you navigate through a traffic violation trial.

Hire a Traffic Violation Attorney

When you opt to hire a traffic violation attorney, you’re hiring someone with your best interests in mind. It’s the duty of your traffic attorney to protect you against unjust prosecution. Traffic attorneys know traffic law, and they know the court system. Court proceedings can be quite complex, and a lawyer will guide you and aid you as your court date approaches. Remember, Rice Law is your local traffic violation representation here in Maryland. We serve Baltimore County, Dundalk, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Rosedale.

Prepare For Your Traffic Violations Case

In preparing for your traffic violations case, you’ll need to file paperwork and attend specific court dates. A traffic offense lawyer will aid you in staying on schedule, and they’ll aid you with representation in the courtroom.

The Trial & Sentencing

When your court date does arrive, a traffic violation attorney will fight for your rights. The goal of a traffic violation lawyer is to talk the court into applying minimal sentences, reducing charges, or having charges waived altogether. With the protection of a traffic violation lawyer, your sentencing could be reduced or dropped altogether – possibly saving you from having your license suspended or revoked. We may also save you from heavy fees, jail time, or points applied to your driving record.

Make Sure Your Sentence Is Carried Out Accurately

After a traffic violation trial, it is important to ensure that your sentence is appropriately filed. You can check your driving record to ensure that it is accurate in accordance with the sentence that was ultimately applied to your case. Use this link to check your driving record! Note, checking your driving record does come with a fee.