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Point Assessment for Driving Convictions in Maryland

If you’re charged with a driving offense or receive a traffic ticket in Maryland, you probably have questions about the points you may receive on your Maryland driving record. Too many points can result in additional penalties by the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

Point Assessment for Conviction in Maryland

If you are convicted of a vehicle-related law violation in Maryland, the Maryland District Court or Circuit Court notifies the MVA of the conviction. The MVA then applies the appropriate points to your driver record. Action taken by the MVA in response to this notification depend upon the total number of points that you have accumulated during the two-year period prior to the violation:

Maryland Point Assessment Laws

The number of points assessed for a conviction, not a PBJ or probation before judgment, can be found in Maryland Transportation Article §16–402. After the conviction of an individual for a violation of Title 2, Subtitle 5, § 2–209, § 3–211, or § 10–110 of the Criminal Law Article, or of the vehicle laws or regulations of this State or of any local authority, points shall be assessed against the individual as of the date of violation and as follows:

1 Point Violations

2 Point Violations

3 Point Violations

5 Point Violations

6 Point Violations

8 Point Violations

12 Point Violations

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