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If you’ve been issued a traffic violation ticket, you may be uncertain what the full consequences of that ticket may be. Depending on the severity of the suspected violation, your ticketing can also come with a litany of further consequences:

Maryland Driver’s License Points

On top of all other consequences that may follow a traffic violation, a driver may be issued a number of points for their traffic violations. The amount of points issued depends on the severity of the infraction. In the Maryland driver’s license point system, traffic violation points remain on your record indefinitely unless they’re expunged by a judge. Generally speaking, your last two years’ worth of traffic violations can only affect the severity of sentencing added to a traffic violation. If you receive multiple violation points within a two-year period, you may have additional costs and consequences added to your ticket. This is how the traffic violation point system works here in Maryland:

Note that points are only added to a driver’s record if that driver is convicted of a traffic violation. Seek protection from a traffic violations lawyer here at Rice Law if you believe you have been unjustly accused of a traffic violation.

Increased Insurance Charges

Your insurance company may up its premiums if you’ve been charged with a traffic violation. The amount depends largely on your insurance provider, the amount of traffic violations that have been committed, and the severity of those violations.

Fines & Fees

A traffic violation comes with a fine. Again, the amount of the fine charged for a traffic violation depends on the severity of the violation. If you’ve been accused of a serious traffic violation that results in a criminal court case, you’ll also be responsible for covering court fees on top of any sentenced fine. In this scenario, you’ll likely benefit from hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal defense lawyers can aid you in reducing any fees or jail time assigned in your sentence, reducing your traffic violation charge, or possibly having a traffic violation charge dropped completely.

Suspension of License

Again, depending on the severity of the traffic violation, a driver may have his or her license suspended or revoked. For example, many DUI / DWI charges result in a suspension of one’s driver’s license – as well as all of the aforementioned consequences.

Jail Time

If a driver has committed a serious driving infraction, they may be sentenced to jail time. These serious infractions are considered criminal, and the driver who has been accused of the infraction will have to face a trial. Seek out protection from a criminal defense attorney if you’ve been accused of a serious traffic violation that may result in jail time. For instance, DUIs and DWIs can result in jail time.

Other Sentencing

In addition to all aforementioned sentencing that can be applied to traffic law violators, serious traffic offenses may result in sentencing including community service, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, driving school, or probation. Probation is often assigned to criminal traffic violators who plead guilty to a criminal traffic infraction.

Remember, hiring a traffic violation attorney can save you from the consequences of an accused traffic violation. Here at Rice Law, our traffic violation and criminal defense lawyer can protect you if you’re being prosecuted for an accused traffic violation. We know your rights and the protections that cover you under the law. Please, get in touch with us as soon as possible to avoid unjust prosecution. We represent accused traffic violation and criminal offense clients in Maryland including Baltimore County, Dundalk, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Rosedale.