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Baltimore County is located in the central part of Maryland and in 2010 reported a population of 806,171 people. There are a large number of trucks that travel through Baltimore County each year. If you’ve been hurt by a truck, contact the Baltimore County truck accident lawyer Randolph Rice today. With multiple office locations in Baltimore County, Maryland, Mr. Rice can help get your medical bills paid and recover pain and suffering compensation in your trucking accident claim.

Popular Trucking Roads in Baltimore County, Maryland

Some of the most traveled roads in Baltimore County include Interstate 95, Interstate 895, and Interstate 695. As a result of this large volume of truck traffic, there many truck accidents that occur each year in the Baltimore County area. A large number of these accidents occur due to the fault of truck drivers, who are often under great stress to deliver products quickly. When truck accidents occur, victims often are faced with an overwhelming number of obstacles including lost wages and medical. As a result, people in these situations often find it essential to obtain the assistance of a seasoned Baltimore County truck accident lawyer.

How to Proceed After A Baltimore County Truck Accident

If you are involved in a truck accident, it is common to feel uncertain about how to proceed. The guidance of a Baltimore County truck accident lawyer, however, can help. There are, however, some important steps that you can follow to downplay the severity of your injuries and make sure that your case resolves in the best possible manner. These recommended steps include the following:

  • Promptly Seek Medical Attention. Many accidents involving commercial vehicles result in serious injuries or even fatalities. One of the reasons for these results is that trucks are often very heavy and much larger than other smaller vehicles on the road. As a result, even vehicles traveling at slow rates can cause very serious damage. Even if you are involved in one of these accidents and do not believe that you have been injured, it is still important to be seen by a medical professional because not all injuries are immediately apparent.
  • Collect Evidence About Your Truck Accident. After truck accidents occur, it is critical to obtain any information about how the event occurred provided that it is safe to do so. If you can, you should take care of all involved vehicles as well as skid marks or any evidence about how the accident occurred. Law enforcement should also be contacted because they are able to create a report documenting how the accident occurred, which can then be used as evidence in a court of law.

Contact an Experienced Baltimore County Truck Accident Attorney Today

In many cases, trucking companies know what steps to take to help their truck drivers avoid being held responsible for paying compensation for an accident. As a result, these companies will take great efforts to reduce the amount of compensation that they must ultimately pay for the accident. A Baltimore County truck accident lawyer, however, can help create a strong case against trucking companies and truck drivers, why is why you should consider obtaining the assistance of our legal counsel.

Obtain the Compensation  You Deserve for a Truck Accident

After truck accidents occurs, victims are frequently left facing various types of damage including emotional suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages. As a result, if you are the victim of a truck accident, it is likely a wise idea to contact an experienced attorney. By obtaining the assistance of a Baltimore County truck accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today, you can make sure that your case resolves in a positive manner. Contact our law office today so that our seasoned legal counsel can begin fighting for the compensation you deserve.