In Maryland, there are 7 common reasons for suspended license.  If you are charged with driving on a suspended license in Maryland, contact attorney Randolph Rice at (410) 694-7291 or email him for immediate legal help.

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7 Common Reasons for Suspended License in Maryland

  1. Points. You have received too many points on your Maryland driving record and the MVA has suspended your license. 8-11 points and the MVA will send you a suspension letter.
  2. Violation of License Restriction.  You weren’t suppose to do something while driving and you did it and the MVA has suspended your license.
  3. Medical Advisory Board. The Medical Advisory Board has determine you are unfit for a medical reason, that you are unfit to drive.
  4. Fail to Pay a Fine for a previous ticket. You failed to pay an old traffic ticket and the Court notified the MVA and the MVA suspended your license. Go pay he ticket right now and the MVA will life the suspension.  Make sure you ask for a “trial” when you pay that old ticket.
  5. Fail to pay Child Support. You failed to pay child support, the child support office notified the MVA and the MVA suspended your license.
  6. Failed to take a test during a DUI/DWI investigation. You were pulled over for DUI (driving while under the influence of alcohol) or DWI (driving while impaired) and you refused to take the breath or blood test, the MVA may suspend your license.
  7. Too many DUI or DWI convictions. You have too many DUI or DWI convictions and the MVA will suspend your driver’s license and privilege to drive.

There are other less common reasons for suspended license in Maryland, but these 7 are the most common.

What do you do know.  If you can fix one of these Maryland 7 reasons for suspended license, do it as soon after you’ve been pulled over and charged with driving on a suspended license.

But you still have to go to Court.  Call our office at (410) 694-7291, ask for attorney Randolph Rice and let him defend you in Court.  His offers free consultations and payment plans for his services.  He may be able get you out of the charges if you didn’t know your license was suspended.

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