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Keep A Lawyer’s Phone Number in Your Phone

Odds are you don’t need a lawyer while reading this blog post. However, it is advisable and smart to always have a lawyer’s phone number stored or saved in your phone. With today’s smartphones most of the apps and operating systems offer a contact section. It is smart to think about putting a lawyer’s phone number in your phone now.

Criminal lawyer – 24 hours

We say this all the time, most people don’t leave their house in the morning and expect end up in handcuffs by that evening. So let’s assume that the unthinkable happens and you find yourself being arrested. Well, how could that happen?

Most people don’t premeditate a crime. That means they don’t head out the door thinking “I’m going to commit a crime and be arrested and ultimately need a lawyer today.” So when the unthinkable happens and you are arrested, and it could be something as simple as not having your license in order or maybe something more serious like a spur-of-the-moment confrontation that turns into an assault charge. These are the exact times when you want to have a criminal lawyer‘s phone number in your smartphone.

Have a lawyer for a car accident

baltimore traffic lawyer

Traffic stop Baltimore traffic lawyer

Again, like criminal charges, most people don’t expect or plan to be in a car accident. The scene of a car accident is one of the most hectic scenes and situations a person can be in. You’ve just been struck, you may be hurt and you don’t know what information to collect or who to talk to.

A couple of important tips after a car accident is you should certainly call the police and have them respond to the scene. You also want to use that smartphone to take as many pictures as possible of your vehicle as well as all other vehicles as well as the scene.

But most importantly, you want to make sure you get all information from every driver involved as well as anyone else it’s on the scene including insurance information and vehicle information. But what if you have questions at the scene of the accident? This is when it’s smart to have a lawyer’s phone number in your phone. Now odds are, you probably aren’t going to get the lawyer on the phone unless you’re lucky and he’s either not in court or not in a meeting.

But, you may be able to talk to one of his assistants or secretaries. Most assistants and secretaries who handle car accident cases are familiar with the steps you should take at the scene as well as soon thereafter. It’s always advisable that if you live in Maryland that you put attorney Randolph Rice’s phone numbers in your phone as well as his address and email. The office phone number is (410) 694-7291 or you can email the office at [email protected]

Always able to find your lawyer’s phone number

Do you have trouble finding those pieces of paper you put around the house? Have you written down a name or phone number on the sticky pad and it suddenly disappeared? This is why it’s so important to store the name and phone number of a lawyer in your phone.

If you know where your phone is you know where your lawyer is. In addition, you may want to put the name of the firm or denote in the notes section that this is your lawyer. That way when you go back into your phone to look for your lawyer you can search for the word lawyer and find his or her name immediately.

“Talk to my lawyer”

At some point in your life, you probably will speak the phrase talk to my lawyer. Well, you should be able to talk to your lawyer as well and get in contact with him as soon as possible. If you got your lawyers phone number stored in your phone in the contacts section then you’ll have no trouble with finding your lawyer as soon as possible.

Family law attorneys on call Criminal Lawyer in Ocean City

If you’re going through relationship issues with your spouse or the parent of your children, it is always advisable to have your divorce lawyer on call. By storing your lawyers information in your phone you’ll always be able to reach your lawyer at a moment’s notice. Let’s say you have a question about a piece of property or an asset. You want to contact that lawyer and now you have their number stored in your phone, always able to find it at a moment’s notice.

Save your lawyer’s phone number

Make sure you input your lawyer’s office or cell phone number in your phone so that you can always reach him or her at a moment’s notice. It’s also smart to save the number for the purposes of text messaging your lawyer. Many lawyers, especially during the day, are in court and are unable to speak on their cell phone.

If you are able to text or SMS your lawyer, you have a better chance of receiving a quick response if they are unable to speak at the time. Now, most courtrooms prohibit the use of cellphones while court is in session, but some lawyers are able to step in the hallway and return a quick text.

In addition, you may get a faster response if you SMS or text message or lawyer because they can answer your question quickly. If there is more details to obtain from you, the lawyer may call you or schedule a consultation to discuss your issue.

Save that number

So what are we learn today? If you live in Maryland are you have business dealings in Maryland you should save attorney Randolph rice is phone number (410) 694-7291 in your phone’s contact list. That way, you’re always able to reach him and you always know what number to call when you need legal assistance and representation.

Maryland lawyer Randolph Rice

Attorney Randolph Rice is a Maryland attorney that represents clients in criminal offense, DUI DWI, personal injuries, traffic tickets, family law, wills and Estates. He is ranked by Super Lawyers as a Maryland Rising Star, Avvo 10 out of 10 Superb rating, and Lead Counsel rated. He is a former assistant State’s Attorney and has been representing clients in Maryland since 2006.