Settling a Baltimore Medical Malpractice Case

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There are some unique things that separate medical malpractice cases in Baltimore from how these cases proceed in other areas of the country. When you have questions about settling a Baltimore medical malpractice case, speaking with an experienced attorney is essential.

One of the things that make Baltimore unique is the large number of medical facilities in the area, which means that there is an increased number of ways in which medical malpractice cases occur. Along with the increased number of people who receive medical care in the area, there is also an increased number of medical malpractice cases.

As a result, people who have been impacted by medical malpractice in Baltimore should not hesitate to obtain the assistance of a seasoned attorney in settling a Baltimore medical malpractice case.

The Process Medical Malpractice Cases in Baltimore Follow

Medical malpractice cases often start with legal counsel making initial contact with the injured party. A seasoned medical malpractice attorney then begins collecting information about how the accident occurred.

During the patient’s interaction with legal counsel, the patient will also provide any medical records so that further evaluation can be performed. Legal counsel will then analyze the case and determine if there was an actionable claim based all of the available evidence.

Around this point in the case, the patient will enter into an agreement with legal counsel that legal counsel will receive payment if they are successful in winning the case.

The lawyer will then begin to initiate the medical malpractice claim. In the state of Maryland, a medical malpractice claim must first be submitted to the Health Claims Arbitration Board before a lawsuit can be filed.

This initial pleading will inform the healthcare professional and allow them the time to investigate the claim. Around this time in the case, the healthcare professional will either deny liability for any negligence or might attempt to negotiate a claim before a lawsuit is filed.

After this, the medical malpractice claim will either be settled through a mutual settlement agreement or the case will proceed to litigation with a court of law, which in most cases will be the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.

Common Mistakes in Medical Malpractice Cases

There several common obstacles that tend to arise in settling a Baltimore medical malpractice case. One of the most common mistakes is patients who think that medical malpractice cases encompass only a limited number of accidents.

While medical malpractice includes cases where a surgical instrument is left inside a patient’s body after surgery, malpractice can also encompass a wide variety of other practices that deviated from the accepted standard of care and harm patients.

If you believe that you have been the victim of medical malpractice in any way, it is critical to obtain the assistance of a seasoned Baltimore medical malpractice attorney like the legal counsel at the Law Office of Randolph Rice.

It is often important that medical malpractice victims immediately obtain the assistance of seasoned legal counsel who can make sure that your case resolves in the best manner and that you do not inadvertently making any missteps which can create any more complications in your case.

Settling out of Court versus Proceeding to Trial

There are many complex issues that determine whether a medical malpractice victim should attempt to settle out of court or proceed of trial.

Often times, a medical provider will offer an amount in out of court settlement that is less than a person would receive if they proceeded to trial.

Settling a Baltimore medical malpractice case, however, involves a definite amount of compensation while there is a chance that a person who proceeds to trial will not receive anything.

Speak to a Seasoned Medical Malpractice Attorney

Contact the legal counsel at the Law Office of Randolph Rice for an initial free consultation, during which time we can discuss what the various options are in your case as well as how matters are likely to proceed.

From start to finish, attorney Randolph Rice will committed to tirelessly fighting for the compensation that you deserve. Speak to our law office today to begin to take steps in settling a Baltimore medical malpractice case.


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