Trish McDougall

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[team_member pos=”left” img=”Trish-Headshot.jpg” name=”Trish McDougall” title=”Paralegal”]
[et_pb_accordion_item title=”What’s your background? Where did you grow up?”]
I grew up in New Jersey, about 20 minutes outside of NYC.
[et_pb_accordion_item title=”Where did you go to school?”]
I have a BA in Art History from University of Delaware, an MA in Museum Professions from Seton Hall University and a Paralegal Certificate from Anne Arundel Community College.
[et_pb_accordion_item title=”Why did you choose to work in the legal field?”]
I wanted a career that fulfilled my desire to help people and was also intellectually challenging.
[et_pb_accordion_item title=”What do you like about working at Rice, Murtha & Psoras?”]
There is a genuine feeling of cooperation and teamwork here. We are a close knit office. I also feel valued and appreciated.
[et_pb_accordion_item title=”What is your favorite food?”]
Pizza, the world’s most perfect food…and it contains all four food groups!
[et_pb_accordion_item title=”What is your favorite movie?”]
Tough question, so many movies, so little time… but I never turn down the opportunity to watch any Sean Connery James Bond movie[/et_pb_accordion_item]
[et_pb_accordion_item title=”What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?”]
Spending time with family, reading, and making chainmaille jewelry.