Did you get a traffic citation in Maryland and you don’t know what to do next.  The Maryland District Court has provided a helpful page for traffic citation information in Maryland.

Click Maryland Traffic Citation Information to be taken to the Maryland District Court Traffic Citation page.

On their site you’ll find information about:

  • New Procedure for Satisfying Your Traffic Citation
  • ATENCIÓN CONDUCTORES El nuevo proceso de multas de tránsito de Maryland comienza el 1 de enero del 2011
  • Traffic Citation Fact Sheet
  • Access your citation information online
  • Paying the Fine & Pleading “Guilty”
  • Requesting Waiver Hearing – Requires appearance in Court
  • Requesting a Trial Date – Requires appearance in Court
  • Failure to Appear for Trial
  • Traffic ticket Appeals
  • Address change
  • Lost or misplaced your citation?
  • Witnesses
  • Postponements
  • Traffic records (Certified)
  • Red Light, Speed Monitoring, School Bus Monitoring, and Electronic Toll Citations
  • Pleas
  • Verdicts

Traffic Citation Defense Attorney in Maryland

If you’ve received a “must appear” traffic citation in Maryland, contact the Maryland traffic ticket defense attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at (410) 694-7291.

The most common must appear citations issued in Maryland are:

If you’ve been charged with a must appear, then there is a possibility of jail time. Don’t appear in Court without an attorney.  If you show up in Court and you don’t have a lawyer, the Judge may rule that you waived your right to counsel and you would have to proceed representing yourself.

Traffic citations in Maryland are serious.  Not only could you end up in jail, you could be placed on probation, fined, receive points on your Maryland driving record, required to complete community service or any other condition the Judge deems appropriate.

Contact the attorney Randolph Rice for immediate help with your Maryland traffic citations.