Traffic Tickets and Potential Problems

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The last thing anyone wants over the holidays is a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets are easily avoidable but they do happen at all times of the year – even during the holidays. Increased travel during the holidays leads to increased police presence on the roads. As such, an officer may pull a driver over for minor traffic violations for which one typically may avoid a citation.

While receiving a traffic ticket may seem like nothing more than a minor annoyance, traffic tickets can cause problems for the driver. Some of the more common complications stemming from the receipt of traffic tickets include:

  • Increased Insurance Rates – The State of Maryland requires that drivers maintain valid automobile insurance at all times. An individual’s insurance premiums are calculated using a variety of factors including one’s driving record. Whenever an insurance company notices a pattern of traffic violations such as speeding, they may increase a driver’s insurance premiums. In fact, some insurance companies may raise the cost of your insurance for a single speeding ticket.
  • Fines – Drivers issued traffic tickets will often be required to pay a fine. These fines may be nominal or they may be hundreds of dollars. Over time, total fines can add up and leave a proverbial hole in the driver’s wallet.
  • Temporary Suspension of Driving Privileges – Traffic tickets may result in the suspension of an individual’s driving privileges. The State of Maryland uses a “Points System.” Drivers accumulate points against their license for each moving violation conviction. The Department of Motor Vehicles will temporarily suspend the driving privileges of those drivers who accumulate 8 to 11 points in a two-year period.
  • Revocation of Driving Privileges – The Department of Motor Vehicles revokes the driving privileges for all drivers accumulating 12 or more points in a two-year period. A driver is allowed to apply for a new license after the revocation period ends. Revoked driving privileges are often quite problematic for a driver.

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Receiving a traffic ticket is nothing to brush off. Accumulation of traffic tickets may have lasting complications. It is best to avoid problems and to obtain the advice and counsel of an experienced traffic attorney. Randolph G. Rice, Esq. of The Law Offices of Randolph Rice has the experience and knowledge of Maryland traffic laws needed to best help resolve your traffic matters. Schedule your initial consultation by calling (410) 694-7291 today.


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