What Should You Do After a DUI Arrest in Maryland?

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Soon after you have been released by the police for driving under the influence (DUI) and/or driving while impaired (DWI) in Maryland, you start to panic and begin aksing a lot of common questions;

  • What do I do now?
  • Who should I talk to about this?
  • Will this ruin my life?
  • Am I going to lose your job?
  • Will I go to jail?
  • How much will this cost me?

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These are all common questions we hear from every client, you are not alone and you should be asking these questions, but you shouldn’t let it consume you.  You can get through this and put it in your past.

What to Do After a DUI/DWI in Maryland:

What should you do after a DUI or DWI arrest in Maryland?  Although this is not an exhaustive list, this is a good starting point.  At any  point in time, if you have a legal DUI/DWI question, call our office and speak with attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at (410) 694-7291.

  1. Start a journal. Write down everything you can remember from the stop by the police officer.  Make sure to make details notes on how you were driving, what you said and what you did every step of the way.  This can be helpful in determining if you have a legal argument at trial.
  2. If applicable, you need to make a decision on requesting a MVA hearing or electing to participate in the ignition interlock program.  There are varying factors in making this decision, so consult a lawyer before you elect any one of the programs.  You may be eligible for a work restricted license but only if you elected certain tests and how you performed on the tests.  Also, you have 10 days to request a hearing to ensure that you maintain your license to drive pending the hearing.  Call our office and speak with DUI lawyer, G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at (410) 694-7291 to help with this decision.
  3. The best advice, contact a lawyer that concentrates his/her practice in the areas of DUI, DWI, and drunk driving defense.  These are also lawyers that practice criminal defense, which is the main area of law that encompasses DUI and DWI law.  Don’t hire a bankruptcy lawyer or your parent’s tax lawyer to handle a complicated DUI or DWI case.  You want to hire local attorneys, so make sure you don’t hire a lawyer from Western Maryland to go to Ocean City for you.
  4. Make sure you don’t talk about your case with anyone.  This may sound silly, but there is not need to publicize the fact that you were just arrested for DUI/DWI.  If your work requires you to tell them if you have been arrested, then you should inform them.  But, there is no need for the community and your friends to know about it.
  5. Stop drinking.  Most Judges will want to know if you have stopped drinking since the incident. If you can show self control, that will go a long way with the Judge.
  6. Again, call a lawyer as soon after the arrest to start the process. Each case is unique and you want to sit down with a lawyer to go over your case and facts.  We offer free consultations and have payment plans for all DUI and DWI cases in Maryland.

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  • Howard County Courts;
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  • Worcester County (Ocean City and Snow Hill) Courts.

Don’t delay, the longer you wait, you may waive certain rights and not have the ability for your lawyer to argue legal motions at trial.

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