What Should I do If I receive a payable traffic ticket in Maryland and I live out of state?

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What should I do if I received a payable ticket in Maryland and I live out of State?

What that means is, if you were stopped in Maryland and issued a ticket for a citation that only carries a monetary penalty (speeding, stop light violation, etc.) and you do not have to appear in Court and you can pay the ticket then it is called a payable ticket.

You have three options:

1)  You can pay the ticket online or mail in the payment.   You will receive the points in Maryland and they may or may not transfer to your home state driving record.  Each state has different rules and you would have to check with your own state’s MVA to find out if those Maryland points will transfer to your home state.  The major issue for most in this scenario is the concern that your insurance company will find out about the ticket(s) and then raise your insurance rates.

2)  You can request a waiver hearing.  The officer will not be required to appear and you would only be appearing in Court to ask for leniency.  You can request a PBJ (probation before judgment) and not receive any points, you may have to pay the fine as well as Court costs, but you don’t receive points and your insurance company should not hold that against your policy.

3)  You can request a trial.  If you request a trial then you are requiring the police officer to appear.  If the officer does not appear then the state may not be able to prove your case.  If the officer does appear, then you can still ask for leniency, i.e. PBJ, and not receive the points.  You will also be exposed to potential Court costs and the fine, however, the Judge could reduce the fine.

If you have missed the 30 day window to pay the ticket and you are from out of state then you have an option.  You can mail in a check to any District Court.  Mail in the full amount of the ticket(s) with a letter to the Court.  You need to send in a letter with the check that states that the check is for a “posting penalty deposit” and you also need to “request a trial date” for all of the ticket(s).

If you live out of state and you do not want to appear in Court for the trial date or waiver hearing, then you can hire a Maryland traffic ticket attorney that can appear on your behalf.  The lawyer can make the same arguments as well as ask for leniency from the Judge in your case.

If you are facing traffic tickets in Maryland, contact the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, at (410) 694-7291, to have an attorney handle your case.



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