What to Do If You Have a Bench Warrant for Failing to Appear in Court in Ocean City, MD

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I probably get at least one to two phone calls a week from individuals that have missed their court dates in Ocean City Md District Court and the Judge issued an arrest of a bench warrant. Now that person is looking over their shoulder everywhere they go because they worry the police will arrest them and take them back to Ocean City, Maryland.

If you missed court and a warrant was issued, speak with Ocean City, MD criminal defense attorney Randolph Rice and learn what he can do for you. Attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., has been representing clients in Ocean City Md for years after being charged with criminal offenses and traffic charges and they missed their trial dates. Attorney Rice can file the necessary documents with the Court to attempt to have the warrant “lifted” and allow you to appear for your trial date without the fear of being arrested pending that trial date.

What Do I Do if I Failed to Appear for Court in Ocean City and the Court Issued a Bench Warrant for My Arrest?

Don’t panic, there is a solution to the problem of failing to appear for Court in Ocean City Md and a Judge issued a bench warrant in Maryland for your arrest. An arrest warrant can haunt you every day you leave the house, will the police arrest you, will you be able to travel, will the police come to your work and try to serve you with the warrant?

Each jurisdiction in the U.S. is different and some states may not spend that much time looking for an active warrant.  However, if you are stopped for a minor traffic ticket and the officer runs your name through their database, he may see that warrant and may arrest you.

Call (410) 288-2900 to speak with Attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., an Ocean City Criminal Defense and DUI, DWI defense attorney.

Why Did I Get a Bench Warrant in Ocean City, MD?

Whatever reason you missed the Court date in Ocean City, the fact is the Court and Judge have issued a bench warrant for your arrest.  Perhaps you received a bench warrant because you:

  • Forgot about the court date
  • Lost the paperwork
  • Your car broke down
  • You did not want to go to court
  • Afraid you would go to jail
  • Did not know what to do
  • Did not think you would have to appear and could pay a fine

This bench warrant will be recorded in the Court system and if you are stopped by a police officer and your name is run through the system, that officer may arrest you and Maryland authorities may come and get you and bring you back to Ocean City.

How to Know If You Have a Bench Warrant

You can check the Maryland Case Search for your name and it will indicate the status of your case.  Click here for the main page of the Maryland Case Search.

Once you accept the terms of the page, enter your last name, first name and middle initial and click search.  You can refine your search based on the date of the charge. Once you find your case, click on the case number and it will indicate the case status.

How to Handle a Bench Warrant in Ocean City

Call attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at (410) 288-2900.  Mr. Rice is a private attorney that represents clients in Ocean City that have been charged with crimes, civil citations, DUI, DWI and traffic violations. Mr. Rice will file a motion with the Court to quash the bench warrant.

The Judge will consider that motion and decide if he/she wants to lift the warrant and set your case in for a new trial date and have a summons served to you for your appearance.

Do I Need a Bench Warrant Lawyer to File this Motion?

Yes, you should hire a lawyer who is experienced and trusted in the Ocean City Courts.  A criminal defense lawyer will greatly increase your chances of the warrant being voided.  Judges in Ocean City want to make sure you will appear for the next trial date.  If you have retained an attorney, that will tell the Judge that you have taken this warrant serious and that you will more likely appear for the next trial date.

Contact Ocean City, MD Bench Warrant Attorney Randolph Rice

Call Baltimore criminal defense lawyer Randolph Rice at the office 24/7 at (410) 288-2900.  If you don’t live in Maryland, or don’t have time to travel to his office, you can schedule a phone interview and conduct most if not all of the legal work over the phone and by email.


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