Who is the best DUI lawyer in Maryland?

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When looking for “Who is the best DUI lawyer in Maryland” or searching for the top DUI lawyer in Maryland, a Google search will give you about 862,000 results.

There is no way that during your lifetime you’ll never be able to search through all of those websites and lawyers.

While Maryland has about 24,000 lawyers or 40 lawyers per 10,000 residents, they’re only a select few that could be considered the “best DUI lawyer in Maryland.”

Who is the Best DUI Lawyer in Maryland

Whenever you are looking to hire a drunk driving attorney there are number of skills and qualities you should look for in your search. Some of the most important qualities to seek in a DUI lawyer are:

  • Knowledge of the DUI laws
  • Expertise and understanding of the DUI and DWI penalties in Maryland
  • Navigating the administrative penalties after a DUI arrest
  • Competency in the courtroom
  • Communication with clients
  • Comfort level with the DUI/DWI lawyer

In addition to finding the best DUI lawyer in Maryland you also want to find a cost-effective DUI lawyer to represent you and your case.

A top Maryland DUI lawyer will charge anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 for a first offense DUI in Maryland. This may or may not include the costs of attending an MVA hearing.

Since the motor vehicle administration hearing is separate, you want to inquire about additional costs to represent you at the administrative tribunal.

Knowledge of the DUI laws in Maryland when You Need to Know Who is the Best DUI Lawyer in Maryland

The DUI laws are complicated and technical and only the best DUI lawyers in Maryland keep current with ever-changing rules and regulations imposed by the Maryland General Assembly and other governmental agencies.

Not only does your lawyer need to be knowledgeable of the DUI laws, but also of the common practices by law enforcement and police departments and their investigation of DUI cases.

A DUI, also known as driving under the influence, or a DWI, driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, are serious and life-altering events if not handled correctly.

DUI and DWI’s are criminal/traffic charges that can be won in the courtroom. This means that a lawyer who is educated on the current DUI laws may use the technical mistakes made by the police to your advantage.

Knowing the DUI and DWI penalties in Maryland

The Maryland DUI and DWI penalties have varied and increased over the years. This is to some extent the result of tragic accidents and violations of the drunk driving law, such as the imposition of Noah’s law in October of 2016.

Understanding the consequences, which can include fines, court costs, jail and probation better prepares you as the client to make the best decision in your DUI or DWI case.

Administrative penalties and your license after a DUI arrest

The best Maryland DUI lawyers understand the long-term consequences of a drunk driving arrest on your driving privilege and driving record.

Finding a lawyer who knows the best choice to make as it pertains to your driving privilege is essential in protecting your freedom on the road.

By making the wrong decision, you may be saddled with a lengthy period of suspension for your license or by not acting before deadline you may lose the right to request an MVA hearing or ignition interlock.

Only the best DUI lawyers no which choice is best for your circumstances and situation considering your work and family responsibilities.

Competency in the courtroom for a DUI lawyer

All DUI charges will one day result in a trial date. Hiring the best DUI lawyer to stand by your side is a wise decision and will protect you in the long run.

Since all DUI and DWI charges must start with a trial date in a District Court in Maryland, hiring a DUI or DWI lawyer that is familiar with the judges and prosecutors will bring the best possible results in your case.

In addition, having a lawyer that is well-spoken and confident in the courtroom will only bolster your case before the judge who hears the matter.

Communicating with the best Maryland DUI lawyers

Communication is key and being able to reach your lawyer by phone or email is essential when you have an important question during your representation.

Our lawyers are constantly on the phone answering questions for clients and explaining the next steps of their DUI charges. Being able to talk to your lawyer will bring instant comfort to the situation and reassure you that your case is being protected and your freedom and rights are being cared for.

Comfort level with the best Maryland DUI lawyerAnne Arundel DUI 300x202 - Who is the best DUI lawyer in Maryland?

Feeling comfortable with your lawyer is key to your level of anxiety and stress during and after the DUI arrest. It is advisable that you meet with the top DUI lawyers in your area and select the best attorney to represent you.

You want to find a lawyer who you feel comfortable sharing the facts of the case as well as your background and your expectations in the matter. Also, a lawyer his confident and positive about your matter and do you want charges will only help as you progress through the stages after a drunk driving arrest.

A poised DUI lawyer is essential to a successful outcome and finding one that fits your style and comfort level will only help with your stress and anxiety after the arrest.

Best DUI lawyer in Maryland

When looking for “Who is the best DUI lawyer in Maryland?” contact attorney Randolph Rice to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Rice is a former prosecutor and is handled thousands of DUI and DWI cases throughout Maryland.

His confidence and knowledge of the DUI laws and penalties as well as is poised and self-assured as well as cool-headed demeanor in and out of the courtroom will only help and increase the chances of a successful outcome in your DUI or DWI case.

Contact the office today to schedule a free consultation, and get the help you looking for “Who is the best DUI lawyer in Maryland.”


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