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Creating a will is an important task to complete in adulthood. Many folks put off building their last will and testament until their senior years, but building a will and testament at any point in adulthood is a good idea. Life is fragile, and if anything should happen to you, your personal belongings and wealth will be divided just as you’d like – instead of whatever is deemed appropriate by a probate court. Use your local estate lawyer here in Maryland to ensure that your personal goods and wealth go to the people to whom you wish to leave your belongings. We provide estate lawyer services throughout Baltimore County, Dundalk, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Rosedale. A final will and testament will determine the following:

Child Custody & Guardianship

If you have a child and you are the only living guardian of that child at the time of your death, you’ll want to determine another guardian to care for your child or children. This decision shouldn’t be made lightly, and a will and testament will ensure that your best intentions are carried out.

Passing On Property

You may designate inheritors for all of your material belongings. If you have a home and two vehicles, for example, you may intend to have your son inherit your vehicles and your daughter inherit your home.

Passing On Wealth

You may also designate inheritors for your wealth. If you have savings in any form (stocks, bonds, savings accounts, 401ks, etc.) you will be able to designate the person or people that receive those funds after your death.

Fulfilling Debts

You can assign how your debts are fulfilled if you have any outstanding debt at the time of your death. Often, a person will opt to have a bank account dedicated to fulfilling their final debts. If you do not designate a method of fulfillment for your debts, an executor may determine the funds and property that are liquidated in order to fulfill any outstanding debt without your consent.