Reviews and Testimonials

Many thanks to Randolph Rice and his staff for the work they have done on my behalf. Needing an attorney is very stressful in and of itself, often made worse by selecting someone sub-par. I found Attorney Rice via the internet while researching my charge, when I came across one of his videos. When my hearing came I was very nervous until I met Randolph. His calm and cool demeanor helped put my mind at ease and I believe I got the best outcome available under my circumstances. I have been extremely happy with the patience and communication exhibited by Attorney Rice. Every time I was stressed about something or had a question, I would send an email or call. Randolph was always available or replied promptly. I would recommend him as an attorney as I feel like he’s someone that actually cared what effect the charges against me would have on my life.
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Many Thanks

Gary W.
Mr. Rice is an excellent attorney and adviser throughout all steps of the legal process. From the initial phone call laying out the necessary steps to take, to the heartfelt check-ins, I could not have been more prepared for when the court date came. At court, Randolph was able to get an outcome better than I had hoped for and I walked away a happy man. In hearing other people’s experiences with lawyers who offer a quick consultation and then show up the day of trial and nothing more, I am happy I had Randolph in my corner throughout the whole process to keep me calm and focused, and the eventually follow through with the best possible outcome.
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Excellent Attorney

Jason C.
Last year, while visiting the Baltimore area, I was involved in a “Bar Fight” which ended unfavorable for me. I was charged with 2nd Degree Assault which can lead to imprisonment of up to 10 years. As a successful Business Manager, I was devastated and had never felt so lost in a city unknown to me. After being detained overnight I contacted the law office of Mr. Randolph Rice. He not only counseled me about the laws of the state of Maryland but mentally too as I suffer from anxiety. My case finally went to court and ended with a complete dismissal. Throughout the 6 month wait to go to court he answered every email or voice mail I sent. If you are reading this review you are most likely in need of legal assistance. Search no further!
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Search No Further

Brian F.
Thank you so much for the timely attention and resolution of my case and record expungement. I appreciated your consistent communication about case status, upcoming meetings and court appearances as well as attention to detail in the record expungement that followed the conclusion of my case. I would recommend your services to anyone seeking legal advice and counsel as you consistently communicated and explained important details on the court process involving criminal cases in the state of Maryland. I was also pleased to receive all my documentation via mail in the timelines you provided.
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Timely Attention & Resolution

Kim M.
Attorney Randolph Rice did a fantastic job preparing for my case, and provided a defense that was beyond anything that I expected. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his service to anyone, and I would call upon him again knowing that he is a sound lawyer with an awesome understanding of the law.
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Fantastic job preparing for my case

William W.
The minute I met Mr.Rice he stood by me until the end of my case. I absolutely would refer Randolph Rice to anyone in need of an attorney. He is an awesome attorney!!!
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He is an Awesome Attorney

Vicky F.
Amazing lawyer! Really has profound knowledge and understanding of the law. Was confident in knowing I had Randolph Rice by my side throughout everything. Will do everything in his power for the best outcome in your case. Would absolutely recommend to anyone. A++
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Amazing Lawyer…A++

Deshon B.
I have used Mr. Randolph’s services twice and would rate them as top notch. I can truly say that I would recommend his services for the best outcome under Maryland law. He works both quickly and efficiently.
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Top Notch

Keith M.
Attorney Randolph Rice is hands down a great lawyer. He always returned calls and communication was always on point. I recommend him to anyone in need of representation. He will go above and beyond for you.
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Hands Down a Great Lawyer

Anthony C.
I must say I was very worried with an assault charge pending against me. I had a warrant I didn’t even know about and Mr. Rice was able to quash the warrant and set a future trial date. He is very responsive and the women in his office speak very clearly and sound very professional. They always assured me he would call me back as soon as possible. With a pending assault charge I was very worried how this could affect my future. The best part is Mr. Rice did not seem to worry, he was clear with his approach and helped me not go crazy wondering what would happen. He is honest and will fight for you to the end. On another note Mr. Rice has an amazing personality and I felt he was a friend by caring of the issues I was going through. I was not just a client, he truly made me feel like he cared what happened to my life and record. We went to trial and won! A big thanks to Mr. Rice and his dedication and professionalism. I would rate him 5 out of 5 and recommend him for anyone in the area that needs a reliable criminal defense attorney on their side. All it takes is an accusation to ruin a life and Mr. Rice ensured that did not occur. I cannot thank you enough Mr. Rice; please continue to support your clients as you did with me. We are not all criminals even if we are charged and Mr. Rice will prove that.
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Rate Him 5 out of 5!

Sean R.
I can’t recommend Randolph Rice highly enough. He is great at what he does, but as importantly I really felt that we weren’t just another client on his caseload. He genuinely cares about you and the situation you’re going through, ready to overcome any obstacle that crosses your path. In today’s world that is a very rare attribute! For those reasons and so many more I wanted to write this brief testimony about him, “Thank you” again Randolph for helping us through this difficult time!
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Great At What He Does

Tomasa G.
We were very pleased with the service rendered by Randolph Rice. My daughter, her mom and I were all very anxious over a few citations our daughter received which were to require not one, by two separate court appearances. Not only, did Mr. Rice provide reassurance, he helped reduce our overall anxiety by conveying what we might expect at each appearance. In the end, Mr. Rice helped achieve the most favorable of outcomes for us. What impressed me most, however, was the real pleasure and satisfaction displayed on our behalf! I will and would recommend him and their firm whenever I can! Thanks again!
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Achieve the most favorable of outcomes for us

Jeff G.
You're a wonderful lawyer and your staff is nice too. You did a great job and when I have an issue I will always call Mr. Rice.
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You’re a wonderful lawyer

Patty M.