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Accidents on construction sites are responsible for thousands of reported injuries each year.  While many of these injuries might be mild, others are severe enough to keep the victims out of work for a few days, or even severe enough to cause permanent disabilities.  These injuries can affect workers, but they can also affect other people near the accident, such as residents who live next to the construction site or passers-by injured by falling debris, crane accidents, or other disasters on a construction site.
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Injuries from Construction Accidents in Maryland

A construction accident can occur in many ways.  Many accidents on construction sites affect the workers and others directly involved in the construction work.  These accidents often involve workplace hazards and other risks that construction workers take at their jobs every day.  Many of these issues only occur because of workplace negligence, but other injuries happen to passers-by and other people outside the construction site.  These injuries similarly happen, in most cases, because of negligence or accidents on the construction site.
Construction worker injuries could include mild and moderate injuries such as cuts and scrapes.  However, more severe injuries, such as broken bones, sprains and strains, and deep lacerations might require medical care and time off work to recover.  Even more severe injuries are of particular concern and could lead to months or years away from work, or potentially permanent disabilities.
Back and spine injuries are some of the most serious injuries a construction worker can receive.  Falls from high heights, slip and fall accidents on a job site, or injuries from collapsing structures and scaffolding can cause these kinds of injuries, potentially leaving victims with long-term injuries or permanent paralysis.
Head and brain injuries are another very serious type of injury for construction workers.  These injuries can leave victims with concussions that cause nausea, lethargy, and confusion or more serious traumatic brain injuries that can cause motor control issues, memory issues, cognitive issues, and other serious disabilities.  While hardhats help protect from these injuries, faulty hardhats or other mistakes could allow these injuries to occur anyway.
The use of power tools and heavy machinery can also lead to injuries such as crushing injuries or amputation.  Amputation of a finger might be repaired if you can get quick medical attention, but more serious amputation or crushing injuries could lead to permanent loss of a limb and time off work or the inability to return to construction work.
Passers-by and people outside a job site can also be injured from disasters on the construction site.  Fires and explosions can make nearby structures unstable and dangerous, crane accidents can cause collapses or injuries nearby the construction site, and falling debris from scaffolding or a building project can wound or kill people near the construction site.  These injuries could cause death or serious injuries like those listed above.

Suing for Injuries as a Construction Worker

If you were injured while working on a job site, your right to sue might be affected by workers’ compensation rules.  Generally, workers’ compensation allows injury victims to file claims to seek compensation for medical bills accrued through an approved physician and 2/3 of their lost wages.  If you sue for injuries instead, you may be entitled to damages for the full cost of medical bills from your own doctor, the full value of lost wages, and other damages such as pain and suffering.
To sue an employer, you must usually show that they owed you a duty that would have kept you safe on the job, and their breach of that duty caused your injuries.  Employers in the construction industry are required to provide training and safety gear to many of their employees.  If they fail to do so, injuries could be considered the employer’s fault.
Sometimes, workers’ compensation rules prevent normal employees from suing their employers.  However, there are many exceptions that allow a lawsuit to go through anyway.  One of the most common exceptions in these kinds of cases is that an independent contractor can typically sue their client or the operator of the job site if they were injured at work.  Since many construction workers are independent contractors, they can typically sue instead of using workers’ comp.

Suing for Injuries Near a Construction Site

Construction workers and supervisors are responsible for making sure that problems on the construction site do not reach out beyond the border of the site and affect passers-by, neighbors to the construction, cars and drivers on the road, and others near the site.  If scaffolding falls into pedestrian areas, debris falls on a passer-by’s head, a crane collapses into a nearby building, an unfinished bridge falls onto a road, or shockwaves from demolition damage nearby structures, the construction company operating that site will have to answer for those errors.  If they were caused by negligence or inattention, they may be on the hook for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering caused by those mistakes in an injury lawsuit.  Talk to a lawyer for more information about how to file your claim.

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