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What Are Non-Economic Damages in a Maryland Injury Lawsuit?

An accident can seriously impact a victim’s emotional well-being. If you were recently injured in an accident in Maryland and are experiencing emotional difficulties, our attorneys can help you recover non-economic damages in an injury lawsuit. In Maryland, non-economic damages can compensate injury victims for emotional losses and difficulties after an accident. That might include […]

What Types of Vehicle Accidents Should Be Reported in Maryland?

While only certain types of vehicle accidents must be reported in Maryland, victims should report all crashes to the necessary parties. To ensure you properly report your recent collision, you should consult an experienced attorney after an accident in Maryland. In Maryland, only car accidents that result in injury or death must be reported to […]

What Are Economic Damages in a Maryland Injury Lawsuit?

After an accident in Maryland, victims often face expensive medical bills and overwhelming lost wages. If another person’s negligence has impacted you physically and financially, you may be able to file an injury lawsuit and recover economic damages in Maryland. In Maryland injury claims, economic damages can compensate victims for the financial impact a defendant’s […]

How Long Do Traffic Cameras Keep Footage of Accidents in Maryland?

Depending on the location of your recent car accident in Maryland, a traffic camera might have filmed or photographed it. If so, quickly obtaining that footage is important, as monitoring agencies may not keep it for long. In Maryland, there are three types of traffic cameras: live, red-light, and speed cameras. Live cameras overseen by […]

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