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Common Questions About Second Degree Assault in Maryland

Common questions about second degree assault in Maryland If you’ve been charged with second-degree assault in Maryland you probably have a lot of questions and you’re also concerned about what will happen. First and foremost you should contact the Maryland second degree assault lawyer Randolph Rice to schedule a consultation and discuss your case. Second […]

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Finding a Baltimore County DUI Lawyer for Your DUI Arrest

Finding a Baltimore County DUI lawyer to defend your DUI We hear it everyday, our clients can’t believe they got stopped and charged with DUI. Of the approximately 24,000 DUI cases filed in Maryland every year, Baltimore County accounts for about 2,500 of those DUI cases. DUI Statistics in Baltimore County, Md In 2015 there […]

Maryland DUI lawyer Cost

Maryland DUI Lawyer Cost

How much does a Maryland DUI lawyer cost? If you’ve been charged with drunk driving you probably wonder how much a Maryland DUI lawyer cost? The cost of a Maryland DUI lawyer can vary depending on a number of factors. When considering hiring a DUI lawyer for your drunk driving arrest make sure you look […]

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Maryland Bail Reform

If you’ve been arrested and are awaiting trial in Maryland, your ability to pay your bail is what stands between you awaiting trial on the outside and you awaiting trial behind bars – big difference. Bail is intended to balance both positions. Because you are innocent unless proven guilty, it’s reasonable that you shouldn’t be […]

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Baltimore Police Facing Criminal Charges – Numerous Cases Affected

Law enforcement officers are supposed to be the ones working to uphold the law and arrest violators, so it is always news when officers are the ones being accused of criminal offenses. Seven Baltimore officers are waiting behind bars for their trials where they will face charges for numerous crimes stemming from their work on […]

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Theft is Not Always a Petty Crime

To some people, stealing something small from a store may not seem like a big deal and some kids even treat stealing as a type of rite of passage. This is always a mistake, however, as theft of any item of any value is always a crime under Maryland law. “Petty theft” is a misdemeanor […]

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How the 4th Amendment Can Help You in a Weapon Possession Case

The illegal possession of a weapon is a serious matter in the state of Maryland, and there are many ways these cases can arise. For example, certain weapons are illegal to possess as a matter of law, such as rifles with fixed magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. In addition, some people are prohibited […]

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Expect Aggressive DUI Enforcement this 4th of July

This 4th of July, many of us in the Baltimore area will be celebrating our nation’s independence by spending time with friends and family, eating, watching fireworks, and drinking. Alcohol is an integral part of most celebrations in the United States, which often results in an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the […]

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Woman Accused of DUI Injures Maryland State Trooper in Crash

Most of us are aware of the fact that law enforcement officials in Maryland are on the lookout for drunk drivers. Generally speaking, police find drunk drivers by setting up sobriety checkpoints or by pulling people over for traffic violations or for driving in a way that that may indicate that they are impaired. One […]

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FAQ About the Ignition Interlock System Program in Maryland

Common Questions About the Ignition Interlock System Program in Maryland In Maryland, is you are subjected to Administrative penalties by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, you may be required to participate in the Ignition Interlock Program (IIP). What an Ignition Interlock Device? An Ignition Interlock is a breath analyzer that connects to a motor vehicle’s […]