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Life Without Parole Notice Rachel Morin Case

Press Release – For Immediate Release Bel Air, Maryland – July 12, 2024 – A significant development in the Rachel Morin murder prosecution, the State’s Attorney for Harford County, Maryland, has officially filed a notice to the Defendant, stating their intent to seek a sentence of life without parole if the Defendant is convicted of […]

How Do Non-Economic Damages Work in a Georgia Lawsuit?

When people file lawsuits, part of the motivation for doing so is the prospect of being awarded damages to offset the effects of their accident. The first things people probably think of when they think of “damages” are stuff like medical expenses or property damage. However, you can get compensated for so much more than […]

How Much Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering in GA?

A big part of personal injury lawsuits is fighting for financial compensation. Plaintiffs who go to court are often in dire need, so getting enough compensation is important to many people with serious injuries. That being said, it can often feel like just getting compensation for stuff like medical expenses or property damages is not […]

Rachel Morin Murder Charging Document

Application for Statement of Charges View the charging documents in the Rachel Morin case here: Charging document – Martinez-Hernandez PRESS RELEASE Contact Information: Rice, Murtha, Psoras Trial Lawyers Randolph Rice – Rachel Morin Family Attorney Email: Cell for Texting: (410) 428-3462 Office: (410) 583-6969 Website: For Immediate Release Statement of Probable Cause in Rachel […]

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