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New Drug Offense Proposed in Maryland

It is no secret that heroin overdose has become an epidemic across the country. Many state lawmakers have tried to take action to combat overdose fatalities, and Maryland is no different. Recently, state legislators introduced a bill that would create a new, separate criminal offense intended to curb overdosing. House Bill 612 was introduced at […]

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Do You Have a Warrant out for Your Arrest?

Imagine you are driving with your family and you see flashing lights in the rearview mirror. As you pull over, you believe that you may only get a ticket – or even a warning – for going too fast. Instead, ten minutes later, you are sitting in the back of the police car being taken […]

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Theft Under Maryland Law: An Overview

Crimes against property are treated seriously in the state of Maryland and can result in serious legal consequences. Maryland law has consolidated various property crimes into the single offense of theft. The formerly distinct offenses that now fall under Maryland Criminal Code §  7-102 include the following: Larceny Larceny by trick Larceny after trust Embezzlement […]


Common DUI Defenses in a Maryland DUI Case

A drunk driving arrest may feel like an open and shut case. Typically, people who have been arrested for drunk driving have been drinking, and most people are unable to determine whether they are over the legal limit simply based on the way they feel. As a result, it is easy to believe that the […]


What is Manslaughter?

When someone is accused of killing another person, you may automatically assume that murder charges will be filed. While this is possible, it is important to realize there are different types of criminal charges that can result after a homicide in Maryland. In addition to different degrees of murder, a person may also face manslaughter […]

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Know Your Legal Rights If Stopped by the Police

Know Your Legal Rights If Stopped By the Police If you’re stopped by the police, will you know your legal rights? Maryland DUI lawyer Randolph Rice has prepared this helpful guide if you are stopped for a DUI investigation in Maryland. Stopped For a DUI Investigation in Maryland If you are stopped by the police, […]


Using an Alibi to Defend Against Criminal Charges

Simply put, an alibi defense is a defense against criminal allegations that states the defendant was in another place at the time of the crime, so they could not have possibly been involved in committing the crime. When you plan to claim an alibi, it is generally required that you notify the prosecution in advance […]

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Information About Your Miranda Rights

Criminal suspects and defendants may believe they are simply at the mercy of the police and prosecutors. However, if you have been arrested or otherwise detained, you have many rights under the Constitution and violations of these rights can be used in your defense against your charges. An important set of rights comes into play […]

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The Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Maryland

When most people think about the consequences of a criminal conviction, they think about penalties like fines, probation, community service, and jail time. While these are certainly possible after a criminal conviction in Maryland, there are also significant collateral consequences that may occur, some of which may affect your life more adversely than the consequences […]

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Crimes Against Property in Maryland

Much criminal activity involves harming or threatening harm to another person. However, there are many illegal acts that do not directly involve another person’s safety or health. Instead, these criminal acts revolve around property, whether it is real property such as a house or building or personal property such as money or possessions. While property […]