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Rachel Morin Family Releases Commercial Plea from Patty Morin

Campaign targets Bel Air, MD, U.S.-Mexico border towns & previous crime scene neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA Press Release – Maryland – April 10, 2024 – Rice, Murtha, Psoras, in conjunction with the family of Rachel Morin, is releasing a poignant 30-second commercial featuring Patty Morin, mother of the late Rachel Morin. The commercial serves […]

Who Can Be Held Liable if My Baby is Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in Maryland?

Cerebral palsy is a group of permanent movement disorders appearing in early childhood. While this condition can sometimes result from natural causes, there are many more instances where medical negligence contributed to the child developing this condition. When the most precious person in your life is harmed by another’s carelessness, you naturally want justice from […]

What Laws Protect Injured Workers from Employer Retaliation in Maryland?

If you were hurt at work and filed a claim, only for your employer to turn around and retaliate against you, how can you proceed? How are you protected from employer retaliation in Maryland? Maryland protects injured workers from employer retaliation through various federal and state laws. For example, employers cannot fire employees for filing […]

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