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Using an Alibi to Defend Against Criminal Charges

Simply put, an alibi defense is a defense against criminal allegations that states the defendant was in another place at the time of the crime, so they could not have possibly been involved in committing the crime. When you plan to claim an alibi, it is generally required that you notify the prosecution in advance […]

Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney

Information About Your Miranda Rights

Criminal suspects and defendants may believe they are simply at the mercy of the police and prosecutors. However, if you have been arrested or otherwise detained, you have many rights under the Constitution and violations of these rights can be used in your defense against your charges. An important set of rights comes into play […]

Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Maryland

When most people think about the consequences of a criminal conviction, they think about penalties like fines, probation, community service, and jail time. While these are certainly possible after a criminal conviction in Maryland, there are also significant collateral consequences that may occur, some of which may affect your life more adversely than the consequences […]

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Crimes Against Property in Maryland

Much criminal activity involves harming or threatening harm to another person. However, there are many illegal acts that do not directly involve another person’s safety or health. Instead, these criminal acts revolve around property, whether it is real property such as a house or building or personal property such as money or possessions. While property […]

Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney

Prescription Drug Crimes in Maryland

When most people think of drug crimes, they think about the possession or sale of illicit drugs like marijuana, heroin, or ecstasy. It is easy to forget that prescription drugs are illegal to possess unless you have a valid prescription, and the penalties for the unauthorized possession of these kinds of medications are just as […]

Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney

Baltimore Crime Statistics for 2016

People are arrested in and around Baltimore for a wide variety of criminal allegations every single day. The Baltimore Police keep a close record of arrests and reported crimes and release these statistics to the public so we can keep track of the crime trends from year to year. According to reports, the number of arrests […]

Baltimore DUI Defense Lawyer

Should I Take My DUI Case to Trial?

After a DUI arrest, people are often confused, scared, and have questions about how the legal process will proceed. In many instances, drivers who have been accused of driving drunk do not think that they were guilty of DUI or want to do everything they can to avoid a conviction. As a result, a common […]

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Commonly Defective Products

Every time you go to the store, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the selection of products that line the shelves. Companies of all types and sizes are introducing new products on a daily basis and it can be challenging to know which product is best for you and your household. One thing you […]

Baltimore DUI Attorney

The Holidays and an Increase in Drunk Driving Arrests

The holiday season is a time for families and friends in the Baltimore area to get together and celebrate. Holidays bring people together and often encourage overindulgence. Most holiday events involve drinking, and it can often be the case that one consumes a large amount of alcohol at a party or another gathering. Drinking and […]

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Traffic Tickets and Potential Problems

The last thing anyone wants over the holidays is a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets are easily avoidable but they do happen at all times of the year – even during the holidays. Increased travel during the holidays leads to increased police presence on the roads. As such, an officer may pull a driver over for […]