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Personal injury lawyers handle a wide range of injury cases, helping victims of car accidents, slip and falls, and medical malpractice alike get compensation for the injuries they suffered.  If you were hurt in an accident or otherwise suffered an injury because of someone else’s ignorance, lack of attention, or incompetence, our lawyers can help you get compensated.

From investigating the case and collecting evidence to presenting it at trial when needed, we can work to represent you and fight your case from beginning to end.  Our trial-tested litigators will provide professional, zealous advocacy to help you get the damages you need paid after an accident.

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Recognizing When You Have a Personal Injury Case in Cambridge, MD

Many people hesitate to call a lawyer or try to file an insurance claim because they are under the impression that they might not have a case – or might not have a strong one.  Our personal injury lawyers can help you understand whether or not you have a case in a free case evaluation, but for your own personal understanding, the following elements are necessary for a personal injury case:


If the defendant has a duty that they were supposed to follow, the law can hold them liable when they violate that duty.  In car accidents, the duty is probably most obvious, as there are dozens of traffic laws they should have been following.  In most other situations, the duty will be based on what is reasonable.  A person cannot usually act unreasonably, and if they injure you while doing so, you will have a case against them.


A violation of the duty is necessary to sue someone in a personal injury case.  If they did everything they were supposed to do and actually upheld their duty, then you might not have a case against them.  However, you could have a case against another party you might not have thought of that did indeed violate a duty.


The breach of duty must be what caused your injuries or else you might want to sue a different party for their breach instead.  In some cases, multiple parties’ actions contribute to the accident, and you can actually sue them all together.  In other cases, the accident might have been unavoidable, and there would be no one to sue.  In some work injury cases, the accident might actually be your fault, which would block you from suing but not from filing a Workers’ Compensation claim for your injuries.


You must have damages in order to have a case against someone.  You cannot sue for “near-miss” accidents unless they still cause you emotional distress or other concrete harms you can provide evidence of.  In most cases, injuries, medical bills, and property damage will be clear indicators that you suffered damages and have a strong case.

Types of Injury Cases Our Personal Injury Attorneys Handle in Cambridge, MD

Different areas of personal injury law are sometimes discussed separately.  These cases all still follow the standard duty, breach, causation, and damages model that makes up a legal claim for “negligence,” but the general facts and circumstances of these cases make them somewhat different areas of the law:

Auto Accidents

Crashes involving cars, trucks, bikes, and pedestrians are some of the most common injury cases our lawyers handle.  Car accident cases are often handled through insurance, but when the injuries you face are quite serious, you might want to file a lawsuit to fight for full compensation instead of accepting an insurance settlement that might miss out on certain damages.  These cases result from all sorts of traffic violations, drunk driving, and other mistakes behind the wheel.

Property Injuries

When you are hurt on someone else’s property in a slip and fall, because of a collapsing structure, in a fire, by drowning, or through electrocution, you could face substantial injuries.  Even accidents that seem simple, like a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, might result in back injuries or brain injuries that could affect you for years to come.  These cases are based on the defendant failing to upkeep their property in a reasonable way, resulting in your injuries.

Medical Malpractice

Our lawyers help patients injured by their doctors’ mistakes get compensation for their additional medical care and the other effects of negligent treatment.  The duty that doctors are held to is called the “standard of care,” and what specifically is required varies from case to case.

Our lawyers particularly focus on medical malpractice cases involving birth injuries.  In these cases, a doctor’s mistakes often result in injuries to the newborn, potentially causing life-long disabilities like cerebral palsy.

Work Injuries

Our lawyers can help you file a personal injury lawsuit for your work injury claim, but many of these cases cannot actually be filed as lawsuits.  Under our state’s Workers’ Compensation rules, you usually cannot sue your employer for an injury at work.  However, you can file an insurance claim – which we can help you with.  You might also be entitled to sue some other party under another claim, such as suing a manufacturer of defective safety gear or a driver who crashed into your work crew.

Defective Product Injuries

Manufacturers of defective or dangerous products can be held liable for injuries their products cause.  Many of these injuries affect children, who are especially susceptible to injuries.  We can also file these claims against pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and producers of everyday home appliances, power tools, and auto parts.

Wrongful Death Claims

If a loved one died in an accident, we can work to get you and your family compensation for their loss.  This can include economic damages for their end-of-life care, funeral expenses, and other bills.  It can also, depending on the circumstances, involve compensation paid directly to you and your loved ones for the effects that a loss has on the family, like lost income, lost companionship, and more.

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