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Pedestrians are very vulnerable when walking near any kind of traffic. You might be as cautious as possible, but a negligent driver might still hit you, causing severe injuries. Contact our legal team for help holding the negligent driver responsible.

After a pedestrian accident, someone must call for help immediately. Remain at the scene until the authorities arrive and try to document anything you can however you can. Once you have gotten emergency medical care, call a lawyer to discuss your legal options. Damages in your case could be substantial, depending on the extent of your injuries and losses. Severe injuries, the cost of lost or damaged personal belongings, and lost earnings from missing work might add up to a large sum of money. Evidence to prove the driver negligently caused the accident might come from witnesses, security camera footage, and testimony from yourself and various witnesses. To begin, talk to your attorney about how your accident happened, as this might help them understand your damages and why the defendant should be held liable.

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How to Handle a Pedestrian Accident in Cambridge, MD

Being struck by a car while walking down the street or across a parking lot is every pedestrian’s worst nightmare. Even when cars do not move fast, they can still inflict painful injuries. If you are in such an accident, your first step should be to call for help. Call 911 and get the police and emergency medical personnel sent to your location. If you are badly hurt and cannot call for help on your own, the driver of the car or someone else at the scene should call for help instead.

Sometimes, pedestrians are able to get back on their feet, and they might not feel badly injured. Maybe they have some aches and pains, but they think they are okay enough to go home without getting the police involved or racking up big medical bills. Do not do this. Stay at the scene until the police arrive. If the driver of the car that hit you tries to leave, tell the police, as they might be charged with a hit and run criminal offense.

If possible, record details of the accident scene. Crash scenes are usually cleaned up by the authorities relatively quickly. Important details might be erased if they are not somehow recorded. Taking pictures or recording videos is a good way to preserve the scene. If this is not possible, simply jotting down notes or making mental notes of various details you see might be a big help to your case.

Finally, call our pedestrian accident lawyers and ask how you can get compensated for your injuries and various costs from the accident. Serious injuries are seldom cheap. The costs, from medical care to replacing damaged personal property, might be staggering. You deserve to be compensated by the person or people responsible.

Recovering Damages for Injuries Sustained in Cambridge, MD Pedestrian Accidents

In pedestrian accident cases, damages are known to be quite large. As mentioned before, pedestrians are very vulnerable, and severe injuries might occur even when the car is not moving very fast, like in a parking lot. Your injuries and the subsequent medical bills will likely make up much of your overall damages.

Healthcare is expensive even on a good day. For those with severe injuries, treatment might be more extensive or long-term. In such cases, bills for treatment may be in the thousands or tens of thousands. Injuries may also lead to significant mental and physical anguish. Not only are you enduring great physical pain, but the emotional and psychological toll of the accident might be immense. Even though these damages are not related to money, they should still be claimed and compensated.

Did you have any personal belongings with you when you were struck by the defendant’s car? Were any of those items damaged, destroyed, or lost? If so, you should claim the cost to replace or repair those items as part of your damages. If your cell phone was broken or you lost your wedding ring somewhere during the collision, the cost to replace these important things should be considered.

You might have a hard time returning to work. This is understandable, as your injuries might be too much to deal with, and taking time off from your job would be understandable. Depending on how long you are out of work, you might lose significant earnings, and your lost income can be added to your overall claim for damages.

Using Evidence to Support Your Cambridge, MD Pedestrian Accident Case

To prove your claims in court and get the compensation you deserve, you need the strongest evidence possible. Records and details from the scene of the accident are incredibly important. If possible, we can use photos and videos taken from the accident scene. If the driver who hit you or other drivers had a dashcam, it might have video evidence of the crash. We can also search for video footage from nearby security cameras if any were present.

Testimony may be incredibly important. First, we can find people who saw the accident and get them to testify about what they saw. If multiple people can back up your claims and explain how they saw the defendant hit you with their car, your odds of success may be much better. On top of that, we need your own testimony, which may be especially powerful and influential on a jury.

Your injuries might be severe, and we need evidence of your injuries to help us establish damages. First, you can explain how you were injured when you testify. Second, we can use hospital records to give a more scientific and detailed explanation of your injuries. A medical expert might also testify whether your injuries are consistent with a pedestrian accident.

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