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Car accidents often result in a sudden and traumatic disruption of victims’ lives. Physical injuries and emotional trauma can lead to a long and painful recovery process, impacting a victim’s overall well-being. Additionally, car accidents can result in substantial financial burdens such as medical bills, lost income, and property damage, further adding to victims’ stress and hardship.

Thankfully, if you suffered a crash that was caused by another party’s negligence, then you may be able to sue for the damages you sustained. Our legal team can assess your potential claim for compensation. Furthermore, we can help gather evidence and file your case against at responsible party.

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Damages that Can Be Recovered in a Cambridge, MD Car Accident Lawsuit

There are many different types of damages that may be compensated by filing a car accident lawsuit. After reviewing the specifics of your potential case, our car accident attorneys can explain which of the following may be sought:

Medical Expenses

You may be entitled to recover the medical expenses incurred as a result of your car accident. This includes costs for hospital stays, surgeries, doctor’s visits, prescription medications, rehabilitation, and any necessary medical treatment. These expenses can add up quickly and seeking compensation for them is essential to help you cover your healthcare bills.

Lost Wages

Because of the car accident, you may have missed work, resulting in a loss of income. In a car accident lawsuit, you can seek compensation for the wages you couldn’t earn during your recovery period. This may include both the time you missed immediately after the accident and any future income you might lose due to ongoing medical treatment or disabilities.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Besides medical bills and lost wages, you might have incurred various out-of-pocket expenses. These expenses could include transportation costs for medical appointments, home modifications, or any other necessary accommodations due to your injuries. In a car accident lawsuit, you can seek reimbursement for these out-of-pocket expenses as well.

Property Damage

If your vehicle was damaged in the accident, you can seek compensation for the repair or replacement of your car. Property damage claims can also cover any personal belongings that were damaged or lost in the accident, such as electronics, clothing, or other items.

Pain and Suffering

The physical and emotional pain you’ve endured because of the car accident can also be considered in a lawsuit. This includes not only the immediate pain but also any long-term suffering, such as chronic pain, emotional distress, or a diminished quality of life. Compensation for pain and suffering is an important aspect of seeking justice in your case.

Evaluating Settlement Offers in Cambridge Car Accident Cases

When you file a car accident case, the defendant will most likely try to reach a settlement agreement before going to trial. If you accept their settlement offer, then you will acquire an agreed-upon amount of damages in exchange for the voluntary dismissal of your lawsuit. There are multiple reasons why you may want to settle before trial. For example, settling before trial may allow you to recover payment sooner. Additionally, you may be able to save on some of the costly expenses you would incur at trial.

Unfortunately, defendants in car accident lawsuits typically try to settle their claims for less than they are truly worth. The team at our firm can help negotiate for a more substantial settlement offer in your case. Still, if you cannot reach an agreement, then you will need to go to trial to recover the full extent of payment you deserve.

Assistance from our legal professionals can be immensely valuable when evaluating any settlement offers made in your case.

Common Causes of Car Crashes in Cambridge, MD

There are many different types of negligent conduct that can lead to harmful car accidents. If your collision stems from any of the following, then you may be entitled to payment for the damages you sustained:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving often results from diverting attention away from the road because of activities like texting, using a smartphone, eating, adjusting the radio, or engaging in other distractions. These behaviors can result in collisions because the driver is not fully focused on the task of operating the vehicle.


Excessive speed is another common cause of car accidents. Driving at speeds higher than the posted limits or too fast for road and weather conditions can lead to reduced reaction time, reduced control over the vehicle, and an increased likelihood of accidents.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a major contributor to car accidents. Impaired drivers have diminished judgment, impaired coordination, and reduced reaction times, making it difficult to operate a vehicle safely.

Failure to Adjust to Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, fog, and heavy winds, can make driving hazardous. Reduced visibility and slippery roads can lead to accidents when drivers do not adjust their speed and driving habits accordingly.


Fatigue impairs a driver’s alertness and reaction time, making them more prone to accidents. Falling asleep at the wheel or experiencing drowsiness can lead to severe and sometimes fatal collisions.

Running Stop Signs and Red Lights

Disobeying traffic signals and stop signs can lead to dangerous intersections and collisions. Failing to stop when required is a significant cause of accidents, especially in urban areas.

Why You Should Not Apologize After Your Collision in Cambridge, MD

It may be natural to say “sorry” after suffering a car accident, even if the crash was not your fault. However, after a crash, you must avoid making apologies or any statements that can be construed as admissions of fault. Such statements may be used to shift blame and refute your case.

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