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Accidents with trucks, semi-trailers, or eighteen-wheelers are known for being disastrous. You and many others might be injured in the crash, and the person who caused it should be brought to justice. An attorney can help you get compensation for your significant damages.

When you begin legal action for your truck accident damages and injuries, your first step should be hiring an experienced attorney. These kinds of cases are complex and tend to involve significant damages, and much financial compensation could be on the line. Damages might include huge hospital bills, extensive property damage, lost earnings, and immense physical and emotional pain and suffering. How your accident happened is an important consideration, as it might help us determine who is at fault. Common examples of truck accidents include underride accidents, squeeze play, and tire blowouts. Typical evidence in auto accident cases might involve photos and videos from the scene and witness testimony. Trucks are often equipped with black box recorders that record all sorts of data we might find useful.

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Do I Need a Lawyer’s Help in My Cambridge, MD Truck Accident Case?

Truck accidents can be devastating, but they are nothing new. People sometimes wonder if they even need a lawyer to help them. While truck accidents might be fairly common, they are also known for being complicated. A case might be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming when handled without a lawyer.

Our truck accident attorneys can help you get your case off the ground. Just getting started is sometimes the hardest part of a lawsuit. No two cases are the same, and the best way to start your case might be unique. Your attorney can determine the best way to strategize and plan your case.

Your lawyer can also help you assess damages. As discussed in greater detail below, damages in truck accidents may be numerous and substantial. It is all too easy for an unassisted plaintiff to overlook certain damages, thus losing out on valuable compensation. A lawyer should be able to identify and evaluate all your damages so you get the maximum compensation possible.

How Much Your Damages Might be Worth in a Cambridge, MD Truck Accident Case

If truck accidents are known for one thing, it is the severity of injuries and damages. While all auto accidents can be dangerous, truck accidents are extremely so because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicles involved. Remember, a truck is a huge, multi-ton vehicle speeding down the highway. If you were injured in an accident, your damages are likely substantial.

The first place to begin assessing damages is with the cost of your medical treatment. Hopefully, you were immediately transported to a hospital after the accident and treated for your injuries. Even just one visit to the emergency room can be incredibly costly. Truck accident victims often need more extensive care, such as x-rays, surgery, physical therapy, and even mobility aids. The cost of long-term care might be astronomical, and you and your lawyer should sit down and calculate how much you have already spent and how much you expect to spend on medical care.

Other economic losses include property damage and lost wages. Your vehicle might have been totaled, and a replacement vehicle might be very expensive. In addition, you may be so badly hurt that you cannot go back to work for a while, if ever again. Your lost wages should be factored into your damages calculations, too.

Not all your damages must cost you real money. You can also claim damages for painful experiences and conditions related to the accident. For example, your physical pain from your injuries might be excruciating, and you should be compensated for the time you spent enduring this pain. Similarly, the accident might have been psychologically traumatizing. Your emotional distress and suffering also deserve fair compensation.

How Truck Accidents Happen in Cambridge, MD

Truck accidents happen in a number of different ways. Trucks are very large, heavy, and fast. Truckers must also contend with long trailers that are full of heavy cargo. Even minor traffic violations like speeding or turning too suddenly might cause a massive accident.

Underride Accidents

Underride accidents occur when a smaller vehicle gets wedged underneath the truck. Since trucks are so large and high off the ground, it is easy for smaller vehicles, including many standard sized cars, to get caught under the truck.

Trucks are required to have underride bars that prevent other vehicles from getting dangerously wedged underneath. If this bar is not installed or fails to work, you might be very badly hurt. Many underride accidents happen when trucks stop too suddenly, and vehicles behind them cannot brake in time to avoid a rear-end collision. They also happen when truckers enter intersections at the wrong time, causing oncoming cars to get wedged underneath from the side.

Squeeze Play or Wide Turn Accidents

Squeeze play accidents happen when truckers make wide turns without properly checking to see if other cars are next to them. Because of the way trucks are built, they cannot make tight turns. Often, truckers have to swing their truck wide to make a much longer turn.

If the trucker does not check next to them, other cars might be caught between the truck and the trailer, being squeezed between them as the truck turns. The trucker should be properly trained on how to make turns safely. If they are not trained or ignore their training, other people get hurt.

Tire Blowouts

Blowouts are possible on almost all vehicles, not just trucks. What makes blowouts so dangerous on trucks is, again, the sheer size and weight of the vehicle. A major blowout could cause the truck to topple over. The trucker might end up swerving all over the road to try and stabilize the truck, hitting numerous other cars. Not only should truckers be checking on the tires on the truck, but they must also check the tires on the trailer.

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