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When accidents happen, there is often a person behind it, not just random chance.  Whether the accident involves dangerous drivers, defective products, surgical errors, or other injuries, there is typically at least one party whose carelessness or inattention caused the victim’s injuries.  If you are the victim of an injury or accident, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, and other damages you faced because of the accident.

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How to Sue for an Injury Case in Maryland

Injury victims are often entitled to seek compensation for their injuries.  the law in Maryland allows victims to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties and have the court order them to pay the victim for the damages they caused them.  This financial compensation can help victims get back on their feet, move past the injuries, and cope with permanent disabilities that the injury caused.

To file a lawsuit, you must submit the proper paperwork with the court.  the defendant also needs to be formally served with a copy of the paperwork to notify them of the case against them.  the court will schedule hearing dates and deadlines for court submissions, which your attorney can help you manage.

When you are in court, you must prove four major elements to make your case.  the first is that the defendant owed you a legal duty based on their relationship with you.  Doctors owe their patients duty of care, drivers owe other drivers on the road a duty to drive safely, property owners owe guests a duty to clean up hidden dangers, and so on.  the second element of the case is to show that the defendant breached the duty.  If the defendant violated a legal duty that they owed you, they are legally responsible for the effects of that breach.  the third element of the case is showing that the defendant caused the injuries you faced.  If you would have been injured regardless of the defendant’s mistakes, or if someone else’s mistakes intervened, the defendant would not be responsible.

The last element of the case is proving the damages you faced.  If you did not suffer harms the court can order compensation for, there is little the court can do to help you.  Additionally, if you cannot prove the damages you faced, the court does not know how much compensation to award.  Typically, you can receive compensation for any economic harms you suffered, such as lost wages and medical expenses, by providing documentary evidence of the expenses.  You can also receive compensation for intangible harms, such as pain and suffering.

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Maryland

The law in Maryland allows you to claim compensation for many different types of injuries.  In many cases, there is a responsible party to sue, even if that party is not immediately obvious.  Our attorneys can help you find the right party to sue and hold them accountable.

Car accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases.  While insurance might be available in some cases, this is not always the best way to seek compensation.  If you were hit by a truck, commercial vehicle, or taxi, you may be able to sue the company that operates the vehicle as well as the driver.

Slip and fall injuries, trip and fall injuries, and other injuries caused by dangerous property defects are one of the other most common types of injury cases.  These injuries are often caused by a property owner who fails to repair or properly upkeep dangerous parts of their property, or who fails to warn guests about dangers on their property.

Defective product injury cases occur when negligent manufacturers put dangerously designed products on the market.  Alternatively, they may occur when a product that was otherwise safe leaves the manufacturer with manufacturing defects in how it was made or put together.  Lastly, these injuries can also involve injuries from products that are inherently dangerous but did not have proper warnings to caution users against the dangers.

Medical malpractice injuries are a bit more rare, but they can cause serious injuries and permanent harm, potentially resulting in the patient’s death.  Doctors are responsible for giving proper medical care, and when they commit mistakes or errors in surgery, diagnosis, or treatment, the patient may face horrific complications that the doctor should be held responsible for.

Many other injuries can occur in odd places or because of complex circumstances.  In any case, our attorneys can investigate your case and determine how much your case is worth and whom to sue for your injuries.  Talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer before filing your claim with insurance to ensure that your case is compensated fairly.

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