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Getting injured can be a serious inconvenience. You may have to spend time in a hospital, take time away from work, take a break from doing recreational activities, and more. On top of all that, paying for property damage, medical bills, and other expenses that come from getting hurt can become a serious financial burden. The difficulties that come with getting injured can be very distressing.

If you got hurt and suspect that it was because another party was negligent, we can help. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of personal injury cases, so we understand how to effectively pursue these lawsuits. We can advise you on the best course of action for your claim, and we will not stop fighting until you get the compensation you deserve or all legal options are exhausted.

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What Happens In Personal Injury Lawsuits in Warner Robins, GA

People file personal injury lawsuits when they believe that they got hurt because another party was negligent. This means that the prospective defendant did not act reasonably and, as a result, the plaintiff was injured. Proving that a defendant is negligent in court takes a lot of work and effort from you and our personal injury lawyers. Preparing and perusing personal injury claims can often take years, and not because anyone is dragging their feet. On the contrary, there is simply so much that must be done before a case is resolved, either at trial or before that point. Dealing with a lawsuit for years can be intimidating, so our attorneys will walk you through the important steps of the personal injury lawsuit process so that you know what to expect.

Initial Talks with Our Lawyers

You should try to contact our attorneys as soon as is practicable. Understandably, this could take some time, depending on the nature of your injuries, but the sooner you can get our lawyers working on your claim, the better. During initial discussions about your claim, we can offer generalized advice and point you in the right direction. However, once you retain us as counsel, we can really start delving into the details of your claim.

File Your Claim on Time

It is also important that you get your case filed with the appropriate court on time. Per O.G.C.A. § 9-3-33, plaintiffs must file personal injury claims within two years of when they are injured. After that time is up, you lose your right to sue and cannot be awarded anything in damages.

The statute giving you two years to file your claim may give a false sense of security, creating a feeling that you have more time to file than you actually do. Before you file, our lawyers will have to gather preliminary evidence and craft your claim so that it is in a good state before we send it to the court. On top of that, you will likely need to focus a good portion of your energy on recovering from injuries you sustained in your accident. All of those necessary steps take time, so the two-year filing period can go by very quickly. It is always better to file sooner rather than later so that unforeseen circumstances do not jeopardize your ability to file a lawsuit.

Gathering Evidence

From the very start, our lawyers will try to get as much information as possible about your case. This means seeking out medical records, police reports, eyewitnesses, and more. We will even get a lot of information from the opposing counsel through a process called “discovery,” where lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant share information about the case they are both involved in. Giving your opponent information may seem like a bad thing, but it is a very important step in ensuring that justice is done fairly and correctly. Do not worry about handing over everything to the other side, though. Some information is privileged and exempt from discovery requests.


Depositions are related to the gathering of information, but they are a very involved part of the legal process and, as such, deserve an explanation. A deposition is an under-oath interview where a party relevant to the case gets questioned by our lawyers and opposing counsel. You, any expert witnesses, eyewitnesses, and anyone else who is going to possibly speak at trial will get deposed, so the process of deposing everyone involved in the case may take a while.

During a deposition, opposing counsel will ask you questions relevant to your case. You should answer all of these questions truthfully and to the best of your ability, even if you think the answer will hurt your case. Do not worry if a question is unfair, as our lawyers can object to it, and you will not have to answer. Once opposing counsel has asked their questions, our lawyers will get to cross-examine you and ask our own set of questions. Both lawyers are able to go back and forth until they feel they have all the information they need from the deponent.

Pre-Trial Proceedings

There are also instances where our lawyers will be in court before a trial takes place. The reasons judges have hearings and pre-trial appearances vary greatly. It could be as simple as scheduling a date for trial or as complicated as a motion to throw the case out entirely. If you have to show up to these hearings, we will let you know, but for the most part, our lawyers will be able to handle things.


Finally, if the matter has not yet been resolved, the case will go to trial before a jury. At this point, most of what will happen has been rehearsed and both lawyers more or less know what the other side is going to say. What remains is for the jury to hear the whole case and then reach a verdict, at which point you will be awarded damages if the jury finds the defendant liable for your injuries.

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