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People can get seriously injured in truck accidents. Trucks are much larger and heavier than other motor vehicles, so even with modern safety features, people driving SUVs, sedans, and other smaller cars have the odds stacked against them when they get hit by a truck. In many accidents, the injuries victims sustain in truck accidents are permanent and will need routine care and treatment.

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Types of Truck Accidents in Warner Robins, GA

There are lots of different kinds of truck accidents. At first, you may not think that this is an important thing to worry about in your case. However, sitting down with our truck accident lawyers and going over all of the details of your truck accident – including the type of truck accident you experienced – is very important to the success of your claim.

Fishtailing Accidents

“Fishtailing” refers to when a truck’s rear wheels lose traction with the road, and the rear of the truck starts swinging back and forth like a fish’s tail. Fishtailing can have several different causes, ranging from worn-out tires not getting enough traction to poor road conditions to having too heavy of a load inside of the vehicle. When our lawyers go over your particular crash, we can figure out exactly what caused the truck to fishtail in your situation.

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident is when the trailer of a tractor-trailer pivots around the linking point and folds in on the cab like a pocket knife. Jackknife accidents can start as fishtailing, but they can happen for other reasons as well, such as a tire suddenly popping or the trucker oversteering. A jackknifing truck is unpredictable and, therefore, dangerous and difficult to avoid. Additionally, a large 18-wheeler careening down the road out of control can easily hit multiple vehicles, making the truck crash significantly worse.

Underride Accidents

An underride accident occurs when a car collides with a truck and slides under it. These accidents are extremely dangerous because the truck’s trailer often goes directly into the passenger area of the car, bypassing safety features and hitting passengers with full force. In fact, these accidents are so dangerous that many states require a safety feature called a Mansfield bar to be placed on trucks to guard against underride accidents happening. That being said, not all trucks will have Mansfield bars, and they are usually not present on the side of truck trailers, so underride accidents are still a very real risk.

Remember, just because your car impacted the truck does not mean that you caused the accident. For example, if the truck was driving erratically, constantly changing speed, or otherwise maneuvering dangerously, the trucker would be at fault, even though your vehicle impacted theirs.

Regular Accidents

Of course, trucks can get into all the same accidents other vehicles can. Head-on-collisions, side-swipe accidents, and T-bone accidents can all happen in trucks just as they would in a car, SUV, or other vehicle.

What Compensation Can I Get after a Truck Accident in Warner Robins, GA?

When you file your truck accident claim, you have to specify the amount of damages you are seeking and explain why you are seeking that amount. Courts see damages as a way to “turn back the clock” for the plaintiff and get things back to how they were before the accident took place. Of course, the seriousness of a plaintiff’s injuries can often make that literally impossible, which is why damages are nearly universally financial payouts and not something else.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages are meant to “make you whole” again. Their purpose is to get you as close as possible to where you were before you got injured. When people think of “compensatory damages,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is medical bills. Indeed, the cost of surgery, hospital stays, tests, and other procedures can start to add up. Additionally, the cost of longer-term care, like physical therapy, medication, and other things, can be factored into compensatory damages. Additionally, you can get compensatory damages based on the damage the truck inflicted on your vehicle. For example, if your car needed expensive repairs or was totaled, the court can award you damages for those costs.

You can also get compensatory damages for less tangible things. The pain you experience because of your injuries, the mental effects of dealing with the truck accident, and other intangibles can be just as serious as any broken bone or hefty bill to pay. While these “non-economic” damages do not have their value spelled out, our lawyers can still show the court their worth, and you can be compensated for these injuries to make you whole again.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are different from compensatory damages in that they are not meant to get you back to square one but to punish the defendant. They are only awarded when defendants have acted especially badly, and their conduct rises to a level above mere negligence. Accordingly, asking for punitive damages when there is no basis for them may have negative effects on your claim. If you are considering seeking punitive damages, you should go over the pros and cons of doing so with our attorneys.

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