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After an accident, it can be difficult to get back on your feet. The stress, distress, and pain after an accident could make it difficult to get back to work, and without your income, you might find it difficult to pay for medical bills.

Fortunately, Maryland law allows accident victims to file lawsuits against the parties responsible for their injuries.  This can help you get the compensation you need for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages you faced.

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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury lawyers handle a wide range of case types.  There are thousands of ways that an injury could occur, and many of these accidents and injuries are grouped into types of injury cases based on how the accident occurs, who is at fault, and how you prove their negligence.  Our Rockville injury lawyers explain some of these common cases:

Slip and Falls or Trip and Falls

One of the most common types of accidents occurs when someone falls down because of slippery floors or tripping hazards.  Property owners are responsible for making sure that their premises are safe for guests and passersby, and leaving wet or slippery surfaces or other hazards can be quite dangerous, violating that responsibility.

Typically, property owners have a duty to warn people about these hazards, typically with signs or verbal warnings, or to promptly clean up and repair the hazards.  These kinds of accidents commonly occur from floors slick with ice and snow, spills in stores and restaurants, loose wires, overgrown tree roots, and loose or damaged flooring.

Car Accidents

Car accident cases involving personal injury are another incredibly common type of personal injury case.  Car accident victims may be able to sue the driver who hit them to seek compensation for their injuries and the expenses resulting from those injuries.

These cases can often be filed through auto insurance, but your case may result in higher compensation if filed in court with the help of an experienced auto injury lawyer.

Premises Liability

Injuries from a dangerous defect on someone else’s property should be paid for by the property owner or manager.  This type of injury case includes slip and falls, but it is much broader.

Premises liability would include injuries from electrocution, sharp objects, drowning, fires, and other injuries that could have been prevented by warning the victim or repairing the dangers.

Defective Product Injuries

When you purchase or use a product, you expect it to work properly and safely.  Defects in the design or manufacturing process can put you at risk.  Some injuries are caused not by a problem with the design but a failure to warn about dangers from moving parts, high temperatures, or other risks.  These kinds of cases apply to injuries from dangers with household appliances, power tools, vehicle parts, and other dangerous items.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors are held to a high standard of care which requires them to do everything in their power to act as any reasonable doctor would in their situation.

If they fail to use the proper care or skill required of them, you could face serious injuries and health complications.  Surgical errors, birth injuries, drug errors, and other examples of negligence are often avoidable, and your doctor could be responsible for any unnecessary injuries they cause you.

Wrongful Death

If a loved one was killed in an accident or died because someone breached a duty they owed them, you may be entitled to sue the responsible parties for your loved one’s death.  A lawsuit for their death may be able to help support your family financially in your time of need and may be vital to moving forward with your lives.

Damages for Personal Injuries in Maryland

Many personal injury cases result in substantial compensation. The damages you will be entitled to claim in your case relate directly to the harm you suffered.  This typically means that more severe injuries are worth higher damages, especially since they tend to cause more pain and suffering along with higher medical expenses.

To prove the damages you suffered, you will need records of the harm.  Medical bills are straightforward records of the cost of your care and can help prove how much compensation you need for hospital care, rehabilitation, and other care costs.

If you missed work, you may be able to produce bank statements, pay stubs, and other records of the wages you lost.  If your injury is severe, you may also be able to claim damages for lost wages going forward.

Pain and suffering damages are harder to demonstrate because there are no financial records of the way you feel.  Instead, you can typically testify regarding how the injury felt, how it affected your life, and other details about your physical pain and mental suffering.

Your attorney can guide you through what damages you are entitled to and how they will prove them in court.

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