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Getting injured is not a fun experience. Nobody goes through their day expecting that it will end in hospitalization and long-term recovery, even if they are doing something like extreme sports or working in a job where injuries are more likely to happen. The fact of the matter is that injuries are unexpected and can leave victims reeling from the shock and frustration of the experience.

That is where we come in. Our lawyers know how to handle personal injury lawsuits, and we are ready to help you out with your case in any way we can.

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Types of Injuries in Elkton, MD Personal Injury Lawsuits

The injuries victims of personal injury lawsuits receive are varied. It truly does depend on the unique nature of each and every accident that determines what injuries happen. Below are some ways our clients have been injured in accidents that led to personal injury lawsuits.

Broken Bones

Accidents of all sorts frequently result in broken bones. The force of a car crash, nasty fall, or other incident can easily snap limbs or otherwise fracture bones throughout the body.

Virtually all fractures will require some kind of sling, cast, or other immobilizing device to heal, while compound fractures – where the bone breaks through the skin – may require more intense medical procedures like surgery to heal fully. Moreover, you may need to go through a specific diet or training regimen if the affected area atrophies due to lack of use during your recovery period.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by hits to the head that damage the brain. Most people are familiar with “mild” TBIs, also known as concussions. The side effects of concussions include mood swings, trouble remembering things, and sensitivity to light and sound.

More serious TBIs can result in loss of basic motor functions, speech, or even an untimely death.

Cuts and Puncturing Wounds

Accidents of all kinds can result in various debris becoming projectiles, propelled through the air by the forces of a car crash, workplace injury, or other kinds of accidents. Cutting injuries can result in severe bleeding and/or permanent disfigurement and will very often require stitches to heal properly. In more grievous cases, a “cut” could result in a smaller appendage, like a finger, toe, or nose, being removed.

Puncture wounds do not always appear as nasty as cuts, but they are actually much more dangerous because a foreign object does not need to travel very far into the body in order to damage vital organs and put someone in critical condition.


Sadly, many serious accidents result in injuries severe enough that the victim passes away. In these cases, the type of lawsuit filed is called a wrongful death claim. Instead of suing for injuries to your person, you sue on behalf of a deceased relative. The damages you can get in a wrongful death lawsuit may be somewhat different than in ordinary personal injury claims. Common damages in wrongful death lawsuits are for lost future income from the deceased as well as compensation for loss of companionship, care, and/or consortium.

There are also some minor but important differences in filing a wrongful death claim, so you should speak further with our personal injury attorneys if this fits your situation.

Damages in Elkton, MD Personal Injury Cases

The goal of any injury lawsuit is to get damages that help you deal with the aftermath of the accident. You ask for damages in the lawsuit that our lawyers file with the court, and these damages are based on your condition and specific circumstances.

Economic Damages

These damages are based on things that can have their value readily displayed to the court. Examples of items that fall under the category of economic damages include medical bills and property damage. There is usually a receipt, bill, invoice, or other tangible evidence demonstrating the value of these injuries.

Another important part of economic damages is lost wages. If you have to miss time working and earning income because you are busy recovering from your injuries, you can get compensation for that. Additionally, if you can no longer work, you can get compensation based on your projected future income.

Non-Economic Damages

Some things that you request damages for cannot have their value demonstrated as easily. Things like physical pain, mental distress, or lost agency in life do not have a bill, receipt, or price tag. However, the court understands that these things are valuable and seriously affect the plaintiff, so you and our lawyers can explain the worth of these damages to the judge and jury in your lawsuit filings and during your trial.

Punitive Damages

The previous two kinds of damages are known as “compensatory damages” because they compensate the plaintiff for their situation. Punitive damages are different. Instead of being based on your condition, they are based on the egregious conduct of the defendant. You have to ask for punitive damages in the initial filing of your case, and you also have to prove more than that the defendant was negligent. Often, you have to establish that the defendant set out to cause you harm instead of merely just being careless.

Courts do not award punitive damages often, so you should speak closely with our personal injury lawyers in the early stages of your case if you intend to seek them in your lawsuit.

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