Bowie, MD Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers can help injured parties recover payment that provides important support during periods of recovery. In order to file a successful case, you must have been hurt because of someone’s negligence.

There are multiple types of economic and non-economic damages that plaintiffs may be compensated for. During a free assessment of your claim, our team can help determine what your case is worth.

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Economic Damages in a Bowie, MD Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury victims can incur a wide range of financial losses. These losses are referred to as economic damages. There are many types of economic damages that plaintiffs can recover compensation for. Our Bowie personal injury attorneys can help obtain payment related to the following losses in your case:

Lost Income

Some personal injury victims will be unable to perform their duties at work until they are fully or substantially recovered. In these cases, plaintiffs can obtain damages for the lost income they incurred while they were away.

Furthermore, for those who may be permanently unable to return to their duties, compensation for lost income in the future may be pursued. However, these types of claims often must be supported by complex evidence. The guidance of our experienced lawyers may be beneficial to those seeking damages for their lost earning capacity in the future.

Medical Bills

You may also recover medical bills by filing a personal injury lawsuit. All medical past, current, and future medical expenses associated with your injuries may be compensated for. For example, bills for your emergency care, surgical operations, and prescription medication may all be reimbursed. After sustaining a personal injury, you should call our Bowie personal injury lawyers for help recovering payment for your medical bills.

Disability Accommodations

Also, any disability accommodations you require because of your personal injury may be paid for by the at-fault party. Such accommodations can come in many forms. For example, a plaintiff with a spinal cord injury may require wheelchair ramps and shower handles to be installed in their homes. If you require disability accommodations to deal with your personal injury, you should contact our law firm for help building your case.

Home Care

The costs of home care also typically qualifies as economic damages sustained because of personal injury. In some cases, injured parties will require assistance with various household activities. For instance, plaintiffs may require help with the following:

  • Attending to personal hygiene
  • Cooking meals
  • Getting dressed
  • Taking medications
  • Shopping
  • Travelling around town

If you require assistance with home care because of your personal injury, then you may acquire compensation for the costs you incur. These losses are usually established through receipts or other financial documents. Our lawyers will help ensure such expenses are included in your claim.

Property Damage

Property damage can also be recovered by plaintiffs in personal injury claims. There are multiple types of property damage that may be suffered. For instance, a car accident victim may sustain severe damage to their vehicle. Furthermore, someone who suffers a slip and fall accident may incur damage to their laptop or cellular phone. In these cases, our lawyers can help victims obtain monetary damages related to the cost of repair or replacement of their damaged property.

Child Care

Lastly, the cost of child care is a common form of economic damages suffered by personal injury victims. For example, a parent who is injured because of a car crash may need to pay for help with child care while they recover. Our Bowie personal injury lawyers can help our clients acquire financial compensation for the child care expenses they incur.

Non-Economic Damages in a Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuit

In addition to suffering financial losses, personal injury victims can also sustain several non-economic damages. The following are examples of non-economic damages that our Bowie personal injury attorneys may help recover in your case:

Physical Pain

Many personal injuries cause victims to undergo immense amounts of physical pain. For example, broken bones and burn injuries can be extremely painful. Additionally, the medical treatments required to tend to some personal injuries can cause serious pain. If you suffered a personal injury in Bowie, MD, then you should be entitled to compensation for the physical pain you experienced.

Emotional Suffering

As well as causing physical pain, personal injuries can lead to debilitating emotional suffering. For instance, a personal injury victim who suffers from paralysis may be unable to partake in their favorite activities and hobbies. Also, a personal injury may inhibit someone from engaging in meaningful relationships with their spouse. These types of losses can produce extremely negative impacts on peoples’ enjoyment of their lives.

Pursuing a claim for emotional suffering can be a complicated task. Large amounts of evidence may be necessary to support such a claim. Therefore, if you suffered emotional distress as a result of your personal injury, the call our law firm today. Our experienced Bowie personal injury lawyers can offer instruction on how you should proceed.

Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits in Bowie, Maryland

Our attorneys can provide assistance to plaintiffs in many different types of personal injury claims. The following are common types of cases that our lawyers handle:

  • Slip and fall lawsuits
  • Car accident lawsuits
  • Motorcycle accident lawsuits
  • Bicycle accident lawsuits
  • Pedestrian accident lawsuits
  • Medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Defective product lawsuits

Accordingly, if you need to file a personal injury case, then call our lawyers as soon as possible. Our team of attorneys can help determine the best route to compensation in your lawsuit.

People Who Are Hurt Because of Other Party’s Negligence in Bowie, MD, Can Seek Help from Our Lawyers

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