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Randolph Rice

Managing Partner


Mr. Rice earned his law degree from the Loyola University College of Law in New Orleans, including a year of instruction at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

Mr. Rice’s hybrid legal education reflects his resourcefulness and diversification of skills. As Mr. Rice entered his final year of law school at Loyola, hurricane Katrina was bearing down on the Gulf Coast. Katrina’s widespread flooding and storm damage made the law school and Mr. Rice’s home in New Orleans uninhabitable.

Mr. Rice tapped into his love of Maryland and ties to the state and focused on completing his legal education at the University of Maryland School of Law.

In a matter of days, Mr. Rice packed up his life in New Orleans and relocated to Baltimore. Upon matriculating at the University of Maryland School of Law, he earned an internship with the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Mr. Rice worked with the gang unit within the State’s Attorney’s Office and learned the intricacies of criminal prosecution.


Soon after passing the Maryland Bar Examination, Mr. Rice secured a position with the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s office as an Assistant State’s Attorney. During his tenure with the State’s Attorney’s Office he tried thousands of cases in front of juries and judges.

Mr. Rice handled matters ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, gaining invaluable trial experience and knowledge of the law as he navigated the District and Circuit Courts of Baltimore County.

In 2009, Mr. Rice established his own practice, which ultimately led to the formation of Rice, Murtha & Psoras. Mr. Rice’s private practice specializes in personal injury, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, and civil matters.

In the News

In 2023, Rachel Morin’s family hired Mr. Rice and his firm to represent them after Rachel was murdered on August 5, 2023, along the Ma & Pa Trail in Bel Air, Maryland. Randolph Rice and his team have fought every day to keep the story alive and advise the family as they grieve their loss and work to catch the killer. For more information about Rachel Morin’s case, visit the Reward Page.

Private Practice

Mr. Rice has developed a private practice that focuses on providing the best legal advice and counsel to his clients. He understands that the prospect of dealing with the legal system can be overwhelming, intimidating or confusing for individuals.

Mr. Rice ensures that every client understands each step of the legal process and is positioned to make informed decisions about the best course of action.

He appreciates the legal nuances that make every case unique and require an individually tailored approach for each client. Mr. Rice is keenly aware that each case can have lifelong implications for his clients’ personal lives, prospects and careers. He is adept at maneuvering to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Trial Attorney

Mr. Rice traverses the state of Maryland advocating for his clients and trying cases. Mr. Rice regularly argues cases before judges and juries in local District and Circuit courts.

He also regularly handles cases on the federal level. Mr. Rice is adept at determining which legal matters can be resolved advantageously in lieu of trial and understanding when the client’s best interests are served by going to court.

As a result honing his trial skills and knowledge of injury law, Mr. Rice has expertly handled hundreds of personal injury cases. These cases include car accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, medical malpractice and pedestrian accidents.

Mr. Rice is expert at advising clients on how to seek and document any medical needs that arise as the result of an accident or someone else’s negligence. His advice on how to navigate the aftermath of an accident or injury is often critical in determining the damages a client can recover.

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