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If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident in Maryland, know that you are not on your own. Rice, Murtha & Psoras, seasoned Maryland car accident lawyers with more than 3 decades of courtroom experience, are ready to fight in your corner. If the negligence of another driver caused your injuries, or if your crash occurred due to any sort of automotive defect, an attorney may be able to recover compensation for you by filing a car accident claim.

The medical bills, loss of wages, and pain and suffering that often accompany a car crash should not be the sole responsibility of the victim. The car accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras can fight for fair compensation so that you do not have to pay the financial consequences of someone else’s mistake behind the wheel. To discuss filing an auto accident claim in a free legal consultation, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291, or contact us online. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help answer your questions and provide the support you need.

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Should You Contact an Attorney for a Maryland Car Accident?

Please note that multiple studies demonstrate that an individual represented by a lawyer will NET (not gross but net) three times as much compensation as an unrepresented party.

Do Not Go it Alone

Insurance carriers are notorious for taking advantage of unrepresented individuals.  They will offer you a small settlement off the bat.  Keep in mind that it will be too soon to determine whether you have sustained a permanent injury. These are large for-profit corporations that look out for the best interests of their shareholders.

Time is of the Essence

The applicable insurance carrier(s) will immediately begin investigating the claim once they receive notice.  it is essential you retain competent and experienced counsel to immediately investigate your claim, preserve evidence, and speak with witnesses while the memory is still fresh.

Even more troubling is that many lawyers and law firms do not regularly litigate cases against insurance carriers.  The insurance giants are well aware of what law firms have the experience and financial resources to hold them accountable for unreasonable settlement offers and the lawyers or firms that settle claims while leaving money on the table.  Geico, State Farm, Allstate, USAA, Progressive, and other car insurance industry giants keep extensive details on all law firms they deal with.  

We value personal relationships with our clients. It is difficult, if not impossible, to properly represent an injury victim if you do not know their personal story, how the injury impacted their quality of life, and the physical limitations our client has been left with. 

How to Find the Best Accident Lawyer in Maryland?

Finding the best accident lawyer in Maryland can be tough because there are so many options. A Google search for “accident lawyers in Maryland” produces around 29 million results. When you need a lawyer for your auto accident claim, you don’t have time to contact the thousands of law firms offering their services.

The good news is you can narrow down your search by looking at online reviews and results for the top results in Maryland. Chances are, if the law firm appears on page 1 of Google, then you have a pretty small group to choose from.

The best lawyer for your claim will also depend on your goals. Do you want a lawyer that is going for a quick settlement and not looking out for our best interests? Or do you want a lawyer that will fight until the end to get you the most money for your accident? You can learn the answers to these questions by interviewing lawyers and asking them their theories as to how they will handle your case.

What is the Cost to Hire a Maryland Car Accident Lawyer?

Most car crash victims are surprised to learn that it won’t cost them a penny up-front to hire an attorney for their auto accident. Most lawyers use a contingency fee model for compensation in an accident case. the contingency fee model or a contingency fee means the lawyer or law firm is paid a percentage from the settlement or verdict in the auto claim.

It is fairly standard across the legal community that a lawyer will charge a 33% fee if the case settles and 40% if a lawsuit is required. Generally, about 10% of car accident claims require a lawsuit. the contingency fee means that the client does not have to pay the lawyer out of their own pocket for the representation. Instead, the lawyer’s fee will be paid by the money received from the other driver’s insurance company.

What is also beneficial to the client is there is no fee unless there is a recovery in the case. This can benefit the client in a couple of ways. First, if the case goes to trial and the judge or jury returns a zero verdict, they award no money to the plaintiff, then there is no fee paid by the client to the lawyer.

Also, the lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation. the lawyer can spend a substantial amount of money on this process as well as time. If the lawyer determines the claim would be unsuccessful and decides not to pursue the claim, the client would owe nothing to the lawyer.

For example, let’s say a claim settles for $100,000.00. the lawyer would be paid 1/3 of 33%, which would be $33,000. Let’s use the same amount of money, but instead of settling, the lawyer had to file a lawsuit, and the case when to trial. If the judge or jury awarded $200,000.00 to the injured person, then the lawyer’s fee would be $80,000.00 or 40% of the total verdict.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawsuit Cost in Maryland?

At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, we offer free initial personal injury consultations to prospective clients. There is no fee until and unless we win your case. You will not face legal costs if your case is lost. There is no obligation if you want to come in and review your case, discuss your potential compensation, or talk about attorney’s fees.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Car Crash?

Deciding to hire a lawyer after a car accident in Maryland is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure a successful claim. When you hire a lawyer, you are handing over the stress and headache that comes with dealing with the insurance companies and the legal process.

You are already overwhelmed with doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, dealing with your car, finding transportation while your car is being repaired or while you wait for the insurance company to send you a check for your totaled vehicle.

It’s not worth adding more stress to your life by handling the insurance claim and making sure you get the “right” amount of money for your accident. Unless you’ve handled thousands of car accident claims in the past, it’s always wise to hire a Maryland car accident lawyer to handle everything for you.

When you hire a car accident lawyer Maryland has trusted for over a decade, you turn over all of the work to them, and you can focus on healing and returning to life as you knew it before the accident.

Many individuals try and do it all themselves, and they realize in the end that they said something “wrong” to the insurance company or they are offered less than their medical bills to settle their claim. A personal injury lawyer knows the dollar amounts insurance companies should be offering to settle your case, and they have the ability to file a lawsuit if the insurance company is not willing to compensate you properly.

When Should You Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Maryland?

You should not hesitate to retain the services of our Maryland car accident attorney. The quicker that you talk to an attorney about your situation, the sooner you can begin working towards a monetary recovery for your injuries. Often, maximizing your potential settlement requires hiring an experienced attorney as quickly as possible.

The strength of any personal injury claim is based on the evidence. You need to establish negligence, and you need to demonstrate the severity of your injuries. Any delay could result in losing valuable evidence. Additionally, if you do not seek immediate medical attention and begin documenting your treatment, it becomes difficult to show that the accident directly caused your injury.

The time immediately following a car accident, including the first few days, is usually filled with confusion, medical appointments, and advice from friends and family members. Medical attention should always be your priority, but you should also contact an attorney to review the facts surrounding your situation. Having the representation of an experienced lawyer will help you understand your legal options and your claim’s value. In most cases, hiring our Maryland car accident lawyers.

You should hire a lawyer for a car accident as soon as possible, and here’s why. As soon as an accident occurs in Maryland, a process is set in motion involving police, reporting agencies, repair shops, insurance adjusters, insurance companies, investigators, and lawyers. In most accidents, there is a driver that is at fault, and there are one if not multiple victims (if more than two cars are involved).

Most drivers contact their insurance company hours after an accident. When this happens, a claim is established, and the at-fault driver’s insurance company is hoping they get to the victim of the accident before that person speaks to a lawyer.

Insurance companies use various tactics to limit how much they will pay out for the accident. Some of those tactics are: offering a “low-ball” bodily injury settlement check days after an accident, obtaining a recorded statement they can use against you, ignoring or delaying the claim process in the hope the victim will give up, or undervaluing the property damage claim.

By hiring a lawyer as soon as possible, you are avoiding the tricks and tactics the insurance company may use to avoid paying for your injuries, lost wages, vehicle repair or replacement, and pain and suffering. Don’t wait to hire a lawyer after an accident; speak with the car accident attorneys Maryland residents trust.

Why Should You Select Our Maryland Car Accident Attorneys

Our legal counsel understands deeply how traumatic car accidents can be for people, as well as the various obstacles that can arise as a result. Our legal counsel also knows how to make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. We have honed our services as the result of successfully representing hundreds of clients in automobile accidents that have arisen in a variety of ways.

Our legal counsel places the interest of our clients before anything else. We are familiar with handling insurance companies as well as navigating cases in the Maryland civil courts to make sure that your case resolves most positively. Our legal counsel will also remain available to answer every question you have, provide updates about the current status of your case, and gather evidence to create the strongest possible legal strategy in your case.

Do not make the mistake of assuming each and every personal injury lawyer is the same.  Many attorneys and law firms are little more than volume shops. Firms that focus on signing volume will have difficulty maintaining client communication and a personal relationship with so many individual clients.

In fact, the most common complaint we hear from clients that have hired our firm after terminating their relationship with a big volume firm is they never spoke with or met with their lawyer.

Various Types of Car Accidents in Maryland

While car accidents are the most common in Maryland, there are various other types of vehicles that may be involved in an auto accident while traveling the roads in Maryland. Our attorneys have handled every type of automobile accident, including:

Car accident cases are often complicated affairs. There are numerous legal issues and hurdles to overcome if you want to maximize your potential settlement or jury award.

Serious and Long-Lasting Injuries

To accurately evaluate your case, you must understand the severity of your injuries. This does not only include your initial treatment, such as triage performed at the scene, emergency room care, or surgery. Medical costs also encompass the treatment and physical therapy you will need to recover from your injuries fully. If a full recovery is not possible, you will be facing significantly more expensive care.

Determining the Value of Your Maryland Car Accident Claim

Depending on the severity of your injuries, a car accident could result in significant medical bills and a loss of income. At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, we will work with your doctor and other medical professionals to calculate your medical expenses. Our office will consider the best and necessary medical treatment for your injuries, including any treatment or therapy you might need in the future.

On the other hand, an insurance company will be looking at the least expensive options without considering your health. In many cases, an injured individual will not know the full extent of their injuries or treatment involved when an insurance company offers a settlement. it is impossible to know if the amount is fair unless you know what your estimated medical costs will be in the future.

If you have lost any wages due to your injury, our office will similarly calculate them. This means that we will work with your employer to include every paycheck you have missed since the accident. If you have your own business or are an independent contractor, we will accurately calculate what your profits would have been if you were not injured.

Car accident cases are often complicated affairs. There are numerous legal issues and hurdles to overcome if you want to maximize your potential settlement or jury award.

Serious and Long-Lasting Injuries

To accurately evaluate your case, you must understand the severity of your injuries. This does not only include your initial treatment, such as triage performed at the scene, emergency room care, or surgery. Medical costs also encompass the treatment and physical therapy you will need to recover from your injuries fully. If a full recovery is not possible, you will be facing significantly more expensive care.

Insurance providers use tables and formulas to calculate what your injury is worth. Without knowing the full extent of your injuries and the necessary medical treatment, especially what will be required going forward, it is impossible to know if a settlement offer is adequate.

By having a knowledgeable attorney working with you from the beginning, you will know the value of your claim so you can make an informed decision on whether to accept a settlement agreement or file a personal injury lawsuit.

Liability Disputes

Insurance companies are not in the business of paying every claim that is filed against them. Depending on the facts of your case, an insurance provider could claim that you caused the accident.

In situations where what happened is in dispute, either because of conflicting witness testimony or discrepancies in the interpretation of the evidence, having an attorney investigate the cause of the accident could increase your chances of a higher settlement or a successful lawsuit.

Evidence is vital to proving liability. Depending on the facts of your case, the evidence could come from witnesses, physical evidence at the scene, police reports, and surveillance footage that might exist. Our office will work to gather the evidence necessary to determine what occurred. Our office will recreate the accident in many situations to try to prove that you did not contribute to the accident.

Documenting the Value of Your Claim

As stated above, one of the main reasons to retain the assistance of an attorney is to provide an estimate of what your claim is worth. If you suffered a severe injury in a car accident, you are not in a position to figure out the financial costs or document the expenses you have incurred.

Our office will document your medical expenses, including the cost of any further treatment required. Furthermore, we will work with your employer and financial experts, if necessary, to determine your lost wages and the impact your injury will have on your ability to earn a living in the future.

Multiple Parties Involved

Some car accident cases are more challenging than others. When multiple people are involved in an accident, the scenario becomes more complicated. When more parties are involved, it becomes more difficult to determine who was at fault, especially when the fault could be attributed to more than one driver.

It is crucial to have our experienced Maryland car accident attorney fighting for your rights – especially if other drivers attempt to prove you contributed to the accident.

Maryland Car Accident Statistics

The negligence and recklessness of many drivers on the road present a very real hazard to motorists throughout the Old Line State. Every year, tens of thousands of crash victims are injured or killed in Maryland car accidents, while many more wreck their vehicles or sustain other types of property damage.

According to statewide crash statistics released by the Maryland Department of Transportation, more than 117,000 auto accidents were reported during 2018: an increase from the 115,353 reported the year before. Unfortunately, more than 33,800 of these accidents resulted in injuries, while a total of 486 were fatal.

Almost 50,000 people were needlessly injured because of car accidents in 2018, and tragically, more than 500 people were killed. Baltimore County had the highest number of accidents (22,613), followed closely by Prince George’s County (19,562).

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Maryland

Between the frustration of motorists trapped in traffic jams, the distractions of modern life, and the aggressive driving that is common in cities, it may seem like the cards are stacked against any driver on Maryland’s roadways.

Still, these factors are no excuse for causing a car accident – and if you were the victim of a negligent driver, you have the right to pursue the full compensation you are owed for your injuries.

While the driving conditions vary from state to state, the leading causes of car accidents in Maryland are not much different from those reported across the country. Nationwide and throughout Maryland, some of the top causes of car crashes include:

If you have been the victim of another driver’s reckless or negligent actions on the road, contact a skilled car accident injury attorney in Maryland right away for help.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents in Maryland

Your body is placed under several competing forces when you are involved in a car accident. it could be slammed against the steering wheel while glass and debris are flying around. Because of the many factors involved, there is a seemingly endless list of types of injuries that could occur.

Your body is held together with muscles, ligaments, and tendons. If these areas are damaged, you have suffered a soft tissue injury. These types of injuries are quite common in car accidents, even if the accident occurs at a low speed.

The classic soft tissue injury is whiplash. When your neck or head snaps, the tissue around the neck and upper back could be damaged. Depending on the forces involved, this type of injury could result in mild discomfort to long-term back pain.

When cars collide, glass, pieces of metal, and other objects and debris will be thrown throughout the interior of the vehicle. This includes items you and any passengers might have as well, such as phones or water bottles. When these items or debris strike your body, it could result in deep lacerations or severe bruises.

Head injuries are common in car accidents. They could also have long-lasting and permanent effects. A car accident victim could experience everything from a bump on the head and concussion to debilitating brain damage. In many cases, the full extent of damage to your head or brain is not readily apparent.

Another type of serious injury accident victims sustain is damage to their spinal cord. Depending on the damage, a person could experience a lifetime of pain, temporarily lose the use of a limb, or become permanently paralyzed. These types of injuries, along with traumatic brain damage, often require years of expensive medical care.

What Should You Do If You’re in a Car Accident in Maryland?

If you have been involved in a front-end collision in Maryland, it is vital that you know how to take care of yourself. Immediately after the accident occurs, you should not hesitate to contact 911 to create a police report about how the accident occurred. If you or anyone else in any involved vehicles, it is also critical to obtain prompt medical attention.

It is also important to exchange critical information with the other involved drivers, including insurance information. If it is safe to do so, you should also take pictures of both your car, the other involved vehicles, and the scene of the accident. Being safe should involve making sure that you are not in danger of being struck by any nearby vehicles.

After law enforcement has arrived at the scene of the accident, it is important to take steps to record all of the damage involved. After the accident has occurred, it is common to be faced with very serious injuries that result in time off of work.

You will also need to handle matters with other driver’s insurance companies, who will likely attempt to make a settlement offer. Before interacting with an insurance company, however, it is important to obtain the services of legal counsel who are skilled at helping accident victims obtain the maximum amount of compensation that is available.

What Are Common Injuries Caused By Maryland Car Accidents?

The potential dangers of operating a motor vehicle cannot be overstated. Though we may not consider this fact on a daily basis, the truth is that cars are hulking, half-ton hunks of metal traveling at high rates of speed and can easily escape our control to cause chaos on our streets. Lucky victims may leave the scene of an accident with only minor scrapes and bruises, but many are less fortunate.

The injuries caused by car accidents can be severe, often leading to physical, emotional, and financial distress. Even long after an accident ends, many people are forced to deal with the aftereffects for years or decades. A few of the most common injuries caused by car accidents include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and whiplash.

  • Broken Bones – Bone fractures commonly occur in high-speed car accidents, such as head-on collisions or “T-bone” accidents. Many car accident victims suffer from injuries like broken collarbones, fractured wrists, fractured legs, broken ribs, or broken noses.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any brain injury caused by an external blow to the skull, as opposed to an injury caused by disease or infection. Concussions are considered “mTBIs,” or mild traumatic brain injuries. TBIs can occur when a victim’s head is struck by or against objects (such as the steering wheel) or when violent shaking causes the brain to strike the inside of the skull, leading to potentially life-threatening swelling.
  • Whiplash – Whiplash is a soft tissue neck injury that commonly occurs in rear-end collisions. Whiplash, which can cause intense neck pain, headaches, and disorientation, occurs when the neck is stretched or rocked too rapidly and forcefully, straining structures like tendons and ligaments.

Many of the injuries sustained in an accident will not be felt until days or possibly weeks have passed, especially if they are internal injuries that do not immediately show external symptoms.

It is critical to see a doctor right away after a crash to rule out the possibility of serious injuries. If you are dealing with one of the conditions listed above or with any type of injury after a collision, speak to an auto accident lawyer and start exploring your legal options today.

How Soon Should You Hire a Maryland Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash?

Time is not on your side when deciding if you should hire a lawyer for your Maryland car accident claim. the sooner you hire an attorney for your case, the better you and the claim will be prepared for settlement or trial.

Here are some risky, costly scenarios that can result from not hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer:

  • You make a statement to the insurance company that is against your best interests.
  • You admitted fault when you were not at fault for the accident.
  • The insurance company does not cover the injuries you suffer.
  • The settlement offered by the adverse insurance company does not cover your medical bills.
  • Lost wages are not declared, or documents are missing.
  • The insurance company knows that a person without a lawyer will not take their case to trial.

For all of these reasons, you should hire a car accident lawyer Maryland residents have trusted for more than a decade. Speak to Randolph Rice about your claim sooner rather than later to give yourself the best possible chance of recovering the compensation you deserve.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After a Maryland Car Accident

Filing a personal injury lawsuit does not mean you cannot accept a settlement offer from an insurance company at a later date. However, accepting a settlement offer does prohibit you from seeking additional compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, even if you have incurred additional medical expenses or were unable to return to work.

There is little financial risk in pursuing a personal injury claim. Our office does not charge you a penny to take on your case. We are paid from the insurance settlement or the jury award. There is no cost for you to hire our office to fight for your rights after an auto accident. it also means we will not get paid unless you win.

Our auto accident lawyers have decades of experience fighting for the rights of those injured through no fault of their own. When we take on your case, you can focus on healing and recovering from your injuries while we deal with your insurance company or prepare your case for trial.

A settlement will not heal your suffering or take away your pain. However, it should make you financially whole and provide the means necessary to live your life and receive the medical treatment and physical therapy you need to recover from your injury. In cases where an injury presents a permanent disability, a settlement or award should be sufficient to provide the care you need and replace the income you have lost.

Our office wants to ensure you have the funds necessary to pay your medical bills along with compensating you for your lost wages. We will also work to obtain a monetary recovery for the pain, suffering, time, and hassle you went through because someone else was negligent, reckless, or intentionally caused the auto accident. If we are working with your insurance company, we will try to ensure that the settlement is fair given your injury and suffering.

How is Liability Determined in an Accident with Multiple Drivers?

One of the most challenging aspects of many car accidents is determining liability, which involves establishing which party was responsible for the accident. Drivers who operate their vehicle negligently or recklessly are often determined to be the liable or at-fault party. After establishing evidence that another driver was responsible, accident victims are frequently able to receive compensation for their injuries and financial damages.

The nature of Maryland’s laws concerning car accident compensation requires a thorough examination of fault following any collision. Unlike most states in the U.S., Maryland applies the concept of “contributory negligence” to accidents, as opposed to the “comparative negligence” laws used in other parts of the country.

In essence, this means that any driver found to be at fault for an accident is barred from seeking compensation in Maryland’s courts, regardless of the level of fault. it may seem unfair, but even a driver who only contributed 1% of the fault in an accident cannot file a lawsuit against the other parties.

For this reason, retaining experienced legal counsel is crucial after a car accident. When your financial future is on the line, turning to a trusted attorney is the best course of action you can take to protect yourself.

The key issue in nearly every personal injury lawsuit arising from a car accident is proving liability. Establishing liability under Maryland law usually requires demonstrating that another driver’s negligent conduct caused the accident. Our experienced Maryland car accident attorney will have to show four specific elements to prove negligence in a personal injury claim.

Duty of Care

The first element to demonstrate is that there is a duty of care. Proving that a duty of care exists requires showing that the defendant had a responsibility to act a certain way in relation to the plaintiff. Whether there is a duty of care depends on the relationship between the parties.

It is typically easy to show that a duty of care existed in a car accident case because every driver has a duty to every other person on the road to operate their vehicle safely.

This duty means that a motorist should not be driving purposefully and recklessly and obeying all traffic rules and regulations. Simply put, a driver should conduct themselves in a way that prevents others on the road from being harmed.

Breach of the Duty of Care

Once a duty of care has been established, our office will have to prove that the defendant’s conduct breached that duty. When someone breaches a duty of care, they have acted in a way that deviates from what another prudent person would have done in that same situation.

However, because a driver owes all other motorists a duty, any negligent conduct could be considered a breach. Some common behaviors that breach a driver’s duty of care include speeding, texting while driving, reckless or aggressive driving, speeding, and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Any of these acts could be shown that a defendant was negligent. If the defendant received a ticket, it could be used as further evidence that they breached the duty of care.


A driver could breach the duty of care but still not be liable in a personal injury lawsuit unless their conduct caused the accident. In some cases, this is not difficult to prove. For instance, suppose a drunk driver ignores a red light and collides with a car that had the right of way. In this case, the defendant’s conduct was negligent and caused the accident.

However, every car accident is not as straightforward, and there is usually some discrepancy between the stories each driver tells, the evidence available, and the eyewitness testimony. When more than two cars are involved, it becomes more challenging to establish the exact cause of the accident. Our office will work with the evidence available, the witnesses, and other experts to demonstrate what occurred.

Actual Damages or Injuries

If you have not suffered an injury, no matter what the other driver did, you lack the basis of a personal injury lawsuit. However, most people will sustain some injury if they have been in an accident. Even collisions at low speeds could result in a back or neck injury.

A common defense that insurance companies will attempt is to call the origin of an injury into question. This could be claiming that the plaintiff had a pre-existing injury or that the injury was suffered in a different incident. If you delay seeking medical treatment, you make this claim more compelling for a judge or jury. One of the reasons you should immediately see your doctor is to establish a connection between the accident and your injuries.

Establishing Damages in a Maryland Car Accident

Damages involve the various expenses faced by victims of a car accident, including lost wages, medical bills, and repair costs for property damage. Property damage encompasses the cost to repair a vehicle or other damage to physical objects.

Costs related to injuries, however, can be much more complicated and frequently involve emotional suffering, lost wages, and medical bills. Emotional suffering can encompass the mental pain that arises from the accident as well as the time that is lost in a person’s personal life.

Our legal counsel knows how to make sure that you are reimbursed for all of these various damages as well as the other costs that people pay as the result of a car accident.

Car Accident Settlements in Maryland

Like other types of personal injury claims, most car accident injury claims are settled outside of court, which means that the parties involved reach an agreement without a judge imposing a decision. While estimates vary, approximately 90% of all car accident claims are settled rather than going to trial.

A settlement from the insurance company means the claim will not go to court, and the injured person or persons will not have to appear before a judge. However, if there is a dispute over liability or damages, Randolph Rice is ready to file a lawsuit and sue the negligent driver or responsible parties.

If a lawsuit is filed after a Maryland car accident, Randolph Rice will go over each step of the process in-depth, providing you with clear and detailed communication about potential strategies and obstacles ahead. We will discuss what can happen in court, how to prepare for hearings, how evidence may be used, and other important information useful for fighting your case.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident in Maryland?

It is extremely important to be aware that you only have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit after a car accident injury in Maryland. the time limit, known as the “statute of limitations,” generally allows you to file a lawsuit for up to three (3) years after the date of injury.

However, it is recommended to begin the process as soon as possible, which has several important benefits:

  • Eyewitnesses have clearer, more accurate memories and are easier to locate.
  • There is less opportunity for vital evidence to deteriorate.
  • There is more time to build a stronger and more comprehensive case on your behalf.
  • If you prevail, you will receive compensation that much sooner.

Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Fighting for Crash Victims

In the aftermath of an accident, you may feel overwhelmed and alone, separated from your loved ones by physical pain and crushing financial stress. At this difficult time, reaching out for a steady hand can make all the difference. the Maryland car accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras possess years of experience in courtrooms across the State and are ready to devote the same level of skill and commitment to your claim.

Most crashes happen by accident, but choosing a top Maryland car accident lawyer is something you get to decide. If you are considering filing a lawsuit after a crash or collision in Maryland, make sure you explore your legal options carefully with help from an experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer, who will work to recover every dollar you are owed for the damages you have suffered.

At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, we have recovered millions of dollars for clients who were facing tough uphill battles. We are ready to do the same for you. To set up a free and confidential consultation, call today at (410) 694-7291.