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Car accidents are very dangerous and may lead to serious injuries. Rollover car accidents are particularly severe because the car flips over during the crash, and drivers, passengers, and anyone in the rolling car’s path are at risk.

Rollover car accidents are somewhat less common than typical crashes, but they are still very possible. They often result from severe collisions, and the cars involved were likely traveling at high rates of speed or on dangerous road conditions. Damages related to these kinds of accidents may be astronomical. Not only is your vehicle likely totaled, but your injuries might be devastating. People who survive rollover car accidents are often left with long-lasting injuries that require expensive long-term medical care. In some cases, people do not survive, and their loved ones file wrongful death lawsuits. A lawyer can help you determine the extent o your damages and prepare to file your lawsuit.

If you were involved in a rollover car accident, you might be suffering from extremely painful injuries, and our Maryland rollover car accident lawyers can help you get justice. For a free case assessment, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291.

How Rollover Car Accidents Happen in Maryland

Rollover car accidents are especially dangerous for drivers, passengers, and other people in the path of the rolling car. Even when drivers and passengers take necessary safety precautions, rollover car accidents may leave lasting injuries. There are multiple ways this kind of accident can happen, and our Maryland rollover car accident lawyers can help you get compensation for your crash.

Many rollover car accidents happen when a vehicle hits an object on the road at a high rate of speed. The object might cause the vehicle to tip over and roll. In some cases, people hit objects left on the road by negligent road construction companies. For example, a road construction team might negligently leave piles of debris on the road where vehicles speeding by might hit it.

Rollover accidents may also happen if drivers turn too quickly. Sharp turns can be dangerous as it is, but sharp turns while speeding or driving on slick roads can cause vehicles to roll over. In some cases, drivers make sharp turns because there is not adequate signage warning of the sharp turn ahead.

Rollovers might also happen when a driver swerves off the road. If the road is not level with the surrounding terrain, the sudden shift in balance might cause a vehicle to tip over, especially if it is speeding. In other cases, there are steep embankments along roads, and swerving off the road means sliding down embankments where the car can flip as it falls.

Being T-boned in an intersection can also cause your car to roll over. If the impact from the side is strong enough, your car can flip over in the intersection, and you and your passengers might be severely injured. The driver who hit you can be held liable for their negligence.

Damages Available in Rollover Car Accident Lawsuits

The damages in any car accident can be severe, but damages in a rollover car accident can be quite extreme. When assessing damages, it is important to consider your non-economic damages and injuries in addition to those that came at a monetary cost. Our Maryland rollover car accident lawyers can help you determine the extent of your damages.

Medical bills are almost always expensive, even when treatment is not extensive. Medical bills from a rollover car accident might be off the charts. People in these kinds of accidents often experience severe injuries that require costly treatments. Surgeries, medications, x-rays, physical therapy, and other treatments can run up a significant bill. All your medical costs and future medical costs from the accident should be accounted for.

Property damage is another significant source of damages after rollover car accidents. In a lot of cases, the plaintiff’s vehicle is totaled and cannot be repaired. Personal belongings in the vehicle are likely lost too, and you should not only consider the cost to replace your vehicle but also the cost to replace valuable personal belongings in the car.

After being injured in a rollover car accident, injured drivers may need to take time off work while they recover. In serious cases, injured drivers cannot return to work for a long time or even forever. You can claim the value of lost income from missing work due to the car accident.

Pain and suffering do not necessarily cost injured drivers money, but they are still painful ordeals that deserve compensation. Physical and emotional pain should be considered. Our Maryland rollover car accident attorneys can assess the damages by analyzing how they hinder your ability to perform normal daily tasks. Other non-economic damages might include physical scarring or disfigurement from your injuries.

How a Lawyer Can Help You After a Maryland Rollover Car Accident

Hiring an attorney to help you as soon as possible is a big step in the right direction. Although you are not legally required to retain an attorney to file a lawsuit, an attorney will have the knowledge and skills to get your case started and hopefully get you the compensation you need. Our Maryland rollover car accident lawyers can help you through the complex legal process of a personal injury lawsuit.

Your lawyer can help you start your case by collecting evidence to support your claims. Evidence might come from various sources, including the crash site, witnesses, security cameras, and more. Injured drivers often have a hard time remembering the accident, partly because it happened so fast and partly because it was psychologically traumatic. As such, they might have difficulty remembering the accident, and their attorney can track down evidence to support their claims for damages.

Even without physical evidence, a lawyer can track down witnesses who might have seen the accident and can testify about what they saw. Witness testimony is of the utmost importance as multiple witnesses can provide a court with multiple vantage points of the accident. You may be awarded compensation if several witnesses can back up your claims.

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A rollover car accident is incredibly serious, and you deserve compensation for your catastrophic injuries. Our Maryland rollover car accident lawyers can help you prove the other driver in your case was negligent and should be held liable. Call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291.