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Getting hurt is not part of anyone’s plan for the day. Even if you work in a job like construction or in a warehouse where injuries are more likely to happen or participate in extreme sports, the prospect of serious injury just does not enter into most people’s minds. This can make serious injuries even more shocking and disruptive to people’s lives when they do occur, and that feeling can be made much worse when you suspect that your injuries happened because someone else was careless.

If you are hurt and do not know what you should do next, we can help you. Let our driven, experienced, and professional legal team handle the tough parts of fighting for justice so that you can focus on recovering and getting back to living your life. We can gather evidence, talk to witnesses, opposing lawyers, and other parties, and fight hard for you in court for financial compensation and accountability after negligently caused injury.

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Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Savannah, GA

There are a lot of different circumstances that could result in someone getting negligently injured. Fortunately, our personal injury attorneys have enough experience to handle whatever type of injury claim you may have. Depending on the type of injury you incurred and how it happened, your case may require a slightly different approach, so it is important to give our attorneys as much detail as you can when we start building your case.

Auto Accidents

Accidents involving cars, buses, trucks, and other motor vehicle frequently result in serious injuries and, therefore, personal injury lawsuits. When you are on the receiving end of a motor vehicle crash, you may be able to sue more parties than just the driver who hit you. For example, if a delivery truck hits you, you may be able to sue the driver as well as their employer, depending on the circumstances. Alternatively, if a car accident happens because there was a problem with the defendant’s car, you may also be able to sue the car’s designer or the mechanic shop that worked on the vehicle.

Premises Liability

Property owners have obligations to keep their premises safe for anyone who may enter onto it. Therefore, they can be found negligent when someone gets hurt on their property. For example, if a supermarket does not address a slipping hazard in a timely manner and does not mark it with a “caution” sign or something similar and a shopper hurts themselves after they slip on it, the supermarket owner can be liable for their injuries.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to when a medical professional, usually a doctor, negligently injures someone in the course of their work. What probably comes to mind when someone hears the term “medical malpractice” is a botched surgery, but it encompasses so much more than that. Misdiagnosing or missing a preventable illness, prescribing the wrong medication, and incorrectly doing medical procedures are all medical malpractice.

Wrongful Death

Sadly, many incidents that may result in serious injury can also result in the victim’s death. When this happens, certain surviving families can file wrongful death claims and survival actions on the deceased’s behalf. The procedures for these lawsuits and what damages you can get may differ slightly from other personal injury claims, so it is best to discuss your claim with our attorneys if you are in this situation.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for a Personal Injury in Savannah, GA?

Each state puts a time limit on how long people have to sue for certain things. In Georgia, you have two years to file your claim for most personal injury claims pursuant to O.G.C.A. § 9-3-33. Once those two years go by, you cannot file a claim or collect damages in court. Therefore, it is important to start the process of getting your lawsuit filed as soon as you can. When you take into account things like recovering from injuries and compiling information before filing a claim, those two years can go by fast, so it is better to start the process earlier than at the last minute.

What Compensation Can I Get for My Injuries in Savannah, GA?

If you are successful in court, the jury will award you damages to try and offset the effects of your injuries. The damages you get will be based on your situation, so no two plaintiffs will get exactly the same thing for a given injury.

First, you can get compensation to offset medical bills, both for emergency treatment like surgery and for long-term needs like medication, physical therapy, or live-in, full-time medical assistance. You can also get compensation to offset any lost potential income you missed out on because of your injuries. This could be from wasted time at work or losing the ability to work altogether.

You can also get damages for things that will not necessarily be shown on a bill or balance sheet. For example, while you may seek compensation for the cost of a surgical procedure, you can also get compensation for the associated pain and discomfort from that procedure and associated recovery.

Finally, if the defendant has done something especially egregious and more than just negligent, you can get “punitive damages,” which are meant to punish the defendant. Courts are wary of awarding punitive damages in every case, so it is a good idea to talk with our attorneys to see if seeking punitive damages is a good idea in your case.

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