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Can You Sue For Whiplash After an Accident in Maryland?

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries people suffer in an auto accident. Victims of this painful injury often want to know whether or not they can sue for whiplash injuries after a car crash or other accident in Maryland.

If another driver was to blame for your injury, you should certainly consider a claim and a possible lawsuit. Talk to Maryland whiplash injury lawyer Randolph Rice about your options. Given the commonplace nature of whiplash injuries, they remain mysterious. Very few people know about them or what signs and symptoms to look for. Baltimore whiplash injury lawyer Randolph Rice explains.

How Does Whiplash Occur After a Car Accident in Maryland?

Whiplash is an injury to the neck caused by a sudden impact. Although whiplash is often associated with rear-end car crashes there are other causes such as falls and sports injuries.

When the neck is forced forward and then backward or vice versa, you can suffer from whiplash. the injury may put a strain on muscles, discs, tendons, and nerves in the neck and upper back. the rapid snapping of the neck is like a whip, giving the name to the condition. the technical term to describe the motion is hyperextension and hyperflexion. Hyperextension describes when your neck whips backward. Hyperflexion describes the forward jerking motion. During a hyperflexion injury, the muscles, ligaments, and other tissue around the joint may be torn, dislocated, or damaged.

Signs and Symptoms of Whiplash

The signs and symptoms of whiplash usually become apparent within the first 24 hours of the injury. They can include:

  • Nausea
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Loss of range of motion in the neck
  • Headaches, usually beginning at the base of the skull
  • Tenderness in the upper back, arm or pain in the shoulder
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms
  • Dizziness

Other, potentially more severe symptoms, according to Healthline include:

  • Irritability
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Memory and recall problems
  • Insomnia and difficulty sleeping
  • Tinnitus, a ringing in the ears
  • Issues with concentration and focus

When Should You See a Doctor for Whiplash After an Accident in Maryland?

See a doctor after any neck pain or another discomfort following a car accident, a sporting injury, an industrial accident or another mishap. It’s important to get a prompt and accurate diagnosis to rule out tissue damage or fractures that may exacerbate symptoms. If symptoms persist, seek out the opinion of a specialist.

Can You Have Delayed Whiplash Symptoms?

Pain, discomfort, and other symptoms like dizziness usually show themselves within 24 hours of a car crash. However, whiplash symptoms can take longer to become apparent. it may take days or even weeks for the full effects of whiplash to become apparent.

Suing for Whiplash Injuries in Maryland

When another driver caused your whiplash injuries you should consider making a claim to recover compensation. A payout from the other driver’s insurance company can cover your past and future medical bills, the time you missed from work, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. Your injury may have changed your life. If you gave up a hobby or saw less of your family because of the injury, this should form a part of the claim.

A whiplash injury can also be caused by a sudden jolt of the head in a fall, a sporting accident, or even an industrial accident such as an electric shock. You can sue for whiplash in Maryland in the following circumstances:

  1. Another party, be it a driver, a landowner or someone else is at fault for your whiplash injury
  2. Adequate insurance coverage was available
  3. You were not partially responsible for your whiplash injury
  4. You suffered tangible damage

How Seriously Do Insurance Companies Take Whiplash Injuries?

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters have a reputation for failing to take whiplash injuries seriously. You may be feeling the most acute pain you have ever experienced. You may not be sleeping properly and are at a loss to explain why the insurance company believes you have a fake injury.

If the at-fault driver’s insurance company denies your claim or fails to offer you what you deserve, consider hiring a Baltimore car accident lawyer to fight your corner. it may be necessary for us to sue for whiplash after a car wreck in Maryland if the insurance company is behaving unreasonably.

The level of treatment you receive for your whiplash injury can have a bearing on your claim. In many cases, treatment with painkillers like Tylenol or aspirin is enough to treat whiplash. However, physical therapy often also plays a part in the treatment regime. Some patients are recommended to wear a foam collar to keep their neck stable. This should not be worn for more than three hours at a time. Some patients undergo chiropractic care and, electronic nerve stimulation, and massage.

How Much Will You Be Compensated for a Whiplash Injury After a Car Crash in Maryland?

All cases are different and unique. However, it can be challenging to get insurance companies to take whiplash injuries or any soft tissue injuries seriously. Nationally, the average settlement for whiplash injuries is $10,000 to $20,000. However, more serious and long-lasting instances have settled for six figures. People who suffer whiplash often sustain other injuries such as herniated disks or traumatic brain injuries that can be linked to whiplash.

It’s important to hire a Maryland car accident lawyer with a long background in neck injury cases to make as strong a case as possible on your behalf. Your Maryland personal injury attorney should be able to emphasize the seriousness of your injuries and the pain you suffered to the insurance company and a judge and jury if necessary.

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Whiplash injuries vary in their intensity and their impact on the victim’s life. Taking on an insurance company that fails to respect your injuries can be demoralizing and leave you short-changed. Talk to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer about your case as soon as possible. Call the Baltimore-based Rice, Murtha & Psoras for a free, no strings consultation at (410) 694-7291.