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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Car Accident Police Report in Maryland?

When attempting to get a police report after a car accident in Maryland, victims may be surprised to learn that these documents come at a price. So, how much do car accident police reports in Maryland cost, and what else do you need to know about the retrieval process?

Generally, police reports for car accidents in Maryland cost several dollars. The Maryland State Police charges $4 per report, regardless of how victims choose to obtain theirs. Local police departments can set their own pricing, which generally hovers at around a few cents per page. In addition to having the proper payment on hand, victims must also provide certain identifying information to obtain a police report. Expect to wait several days before your report becomes available, as these detailed documents take time to complete.

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How Much Do Digital Copies of Police Reports for Maryland Car Accidents Cost?

If you wish to get a digital copy of the corresponding police report after a damaging car accident in Maryland, you can. Prices vary depending on the agency injured victims need to contact to obtain a digital copy of an accident report.

The Maryland State Police Central Records Division makes police reports available via email, making accessing these vital documents easy for victims. Getting a digital copy of your car accident police report from the Central Records Division will cost just $4. Victims need only send an email with a completed records request form and sufficient payment to the Central Records Division.

The specific local police department that completed your car accident report may use an online portal for digital copies. Generally, these reports are housed on third-party sites, which can set their own prices. If you have difficulty obtaining your report online, ask your Baltimore car accident lawyer for help.

Is There a Fee to Get an in-Person Copy of a Police Report for a Car Accident in Maryland?

Car accident victims in Maryland can request a paper copy of a police report in person. The cost of reports varies from one police department to another, but is generally only relatively low.

If the Maryland State Police responded to your accident scene and created a crash report, you’ll have to visit the right barrack. Your Maryland car accident lawyer can help you identify the correct location to visit to retrieve paper copy of a crash report completed by the Maryland State police. Generally, in-person copies cost $4.

If a local police department completed your crash report, you can visit that location in person to obtain a copy. If there is a fee for your police report, it’s likely only to be a few cents per page. However, this is not guaranteed, as individual police departments can set these rates as they see fit. There may also be an added labor fee if it takes substantial time to locate your Maryland car accident police report at a local police department.

Do Mailed Copies of Car Accident Police Reports Cost Money in Maryland?

For some Maryland car accident victims, requesting a mailed copy of a police report is the easiest option. Generally, there is a fee for this service, and paying it can be more difficult.

You’ll have to send a mailed request to receive a mailed copy of a police report. The Maryland State Police accepts mailed requests but requires victims to include a request form and proper payment. Generally, mailed copies of police reports from the Maryland State Police cost $4. Checks are the only accepted payment for mailed crash reports from the Maryland State Police.

Local police departments in Maryland may also offer mailed reports to victims in need. Again, the cost of mailed reports from local police departments can vary. If you’re unsure whether or not your local Maryland police department sends mailed copies of police reports, ask your attorney whether or not that’s the case.

Why Do Some Car Accident Police Reports Cost More Than Others in Maryland?

While some law enforcement agencies, like the Maryland State Police, charge one flat fee for copies of car accident reports, others don’t. Because of this, certain factors can cause your police report to cost more than you may have anticipated.

Car accident reports in Maryland that include certain information may cost more than the standard price. For example, police reports containing photographs and videos often come at a higher price. The longer your report is, the more expensive it may be. This is especially true if your local police department charges victims by the page. The time it takes to locate your police report can also cause the price to go up.

So, be prepared for your car accident police report to cost more than you initially thought. Ask your Annapolis car accident lawyer for clarification if you’re confused by the price.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Getting a Car Accident Report in Maryland?

In addition to cost, there are a few things car accident victims should know when it comes to getting a police report in Maryland. For example, you’ll need to provide certain information to get your report. It can also take several days before your report becomes available.

While you’ll likely need to pay to get a copy of a police report for a Maryland car accident, you’ll also need to provide identifying information. For example, victims need to provide their driver’s license information and details about the crash itself. Having the report number that law enforcement officials gave you at the accident site can be very helpful when requesting a copy of a police report.

Victims should also know that it can take several days before a report becomes available. These reports are detailed documents, and law enforcement officials need time to complete them. The Maryland State Police estimates that reports will be available within ten days of a crash. Local law enforcement officials may complete car accident reports even sooner than that.

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