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How Much Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Cost in Maryland?

Lawsuits cost money. Attorneys are paid fees. If you lost a loved one and are considering pursuing a wrongful death claim, you might be concerned about the cost of litigation. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an estimate regarding the cost of a wrongful death lawsuit because every case is unique. the circumstances of your case will significantly impact the expenses involved in a wrongful death case. Fortunately, most wrongful death cases are taken on a contingency basis – meaning you are not required to make any upfront payments. Below, our Maryland wrongful death attorney from Rice, Murtha & Psoras looks at the fees and costs associated with a typical wrongful death case.

The Basics of Contingency Fees in a Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When a client enters into a contingency fee agreement with a law firm, there is little to no upfront expenses. If you do not win your wrongful death lawsuit, you will not be required to pay anything. However, if you win or settle your case, the law firm will take a percentage of your recovery to pay its fees and costs. the percentage a Baltimore wrongful death attorney will take will be agreed upon before the case begins. the costs required to prosecute a lawsuit will depend on what needs to be done.

Contingency fee agreements are typically used in cases where a client is seeking financial compensation for an injury. Wrongful death lawsuits are very similar to personal injury cases, with the difference being that a family member or the estate of the deceased files the claim instead of an injured person. the claimant is still seeking a financial recovery for the economic losses and emotional harm they experienced due to the wrongful death.

The Differences Between Fees and Costs in a Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Under a contingency fee agreement, a Maryland personal injury attorney will be paid their fees and reimbursed its costs through the settlement award. However, what are the fees and costs associated with a lawsuit? In terms of the expense of a lawsuit, they are two very different things.

Attorney Fees

Fees are what you have agreed to pay your attorney for their time and work. In cases where a contingency fee is not used, a client will pay their attorney an hourly rate. Typically, a client will pay an upfront retainer fee and their Frederick wrongful death lawyer will draw upon those funds as they accumulate time. If the funds run short, the client will be required to supplement them. However, a contingency fee works differently. Under the terms of a contingency agreement, a client will agree upon a certain percentage of their recovery award, usually around 33 percent.

Attorney Costs

The costs that are reimbursed are the expenses incurred while handling your wrongful death case. There is a wide variety of costs involved in any lawsuit. Many of the required expenses are dependent on the circumstances surrounding your case. the costs incurred in a wrongful death lawsuit arising from an automobile accident will be different from those incurred in a medical malpractice claim.

Some costs are incurred in every case, such as court filing fees, copies, and postage. Other costs will depend on the circumstances of your case. For example, in many instances, depositions are required. Therefore, a client will have to pay the cost of a court reporter and other associated expenses. When wrongful death results because of medical malpractice, an expert medical professional will have to be paid to offer their time to testify. In some automotive accidents, an investigator is necessary to reconstruct the accident. These additional expenses are additional costs that are not included in the fees our Maryland wrongful death attorney will collect if you win your case.

Types of Costs Incurred in a Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit

As stated above, there are numerous types of costs involved in a wrongful death action. When a case presents difficult challenges or if there are multiple parties involved, these necessary expenses increase.

Some of the most basic costs are those imposed by the court. There are filing fees for filing a complaint, a summons, and additional motions. In addition to the filing costs, there are expenses incurred for mailing and serving case documents.

Winning a wrongful death lawsuit requires evidence and it takes time and investigation to collect that evidence. Depending on the complexity of your case, outside investigators might be necessary. the cost of an investigation will depend on the complexity of your lawsuit.

Any lawsuit requires a substantial amount of paperwork and communication. Making copies or printing documents all cost money and are part of the costs paid out of your settlement award.

Trials are also expensive. In addition to paying expert witnesses for their time, there is the cost of preparing case materials and exhibits. In some cases, travel and lodging expenses are also incurred during the investigation or trial portion of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Contact Our Maryland Wrongful Death Attorney to Discuss the Cost of Your Case

When you lose a loved family member because of the negligent conduct of another person or company, you will have to deal with the emotional grief and the financial expenses associated with the death. While you might have the basis of a wrongful death lawsuit, you could be unsure about the costs involved. At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, we are sympathetic towards your situation. Our experienced Bowie, MD wrongful death attorneys work on a contingency fee to make fighting for your legal rights a possible option. To learn more about the fees and costs for a wrongful death claim, call our office at (410) 694-7291 to schedule a consultation.