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Generally speaking, any time you are hurt in an auto accident in Bowie, you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. This applies to cases involving rideshare cars as well.

Collisions involving rideshare cars might be the fault of the rideshare driver or another driver on the road. Depending on the exact circumstances of the crash, for example, whether or not the rideshare driver had a passenger in the car at the time, different insurance benefits from the rideshare company might apply. When proving fault in your case, our attorneys must establish that the rideshare driver owed you a duty of care and breached it, causing your injuries and subsequent damages. While victims can recover compensation for all financial losses stemming from an accident involving an Uber or Lyft, they will be limited regarding recovery of non-economic damages in Bowie.

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Figuring Liability for Uber and Lyft Accidents in Bowie, MD

With the added factors of the rideshare driver and rideshare company, Uber and Lyft accidents can be especially challenging to determine liability for in Bowie. Our attorneys will review the circumstances of your accident to confirm who is at fault and hold them accountable accordingly.

After being injured in a rideshare accident, contact our lawyers to begin an investigation. While the Uber or Lyft driver might be to blame for your injuries, so might another party, like another driver on the road.

To determine fault, our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers will speak with you, eyewitnesses, and the law enforcement officials who responded to the accident scene. Physical evidence and photographs showing the impact point between vehicles can also indicate fault for the collision.

In addition to figuring liability, determining your involvement and the exact conditions of the crash in relation to the rideshare driver and company will be important as different benefits apply based on the circumstances of the collision. For example, rideshare liability insurance coverage differs, based on whether the driver was waiting for a ride request when they struck you or had a passenger in the car. It will be important to pinpoint these aspects of your case before we proceed with filing in Bowie.

Evidence Used in Uber and Lyft Injury Cases in Bowie, MD

Any time you are seeking compensation for injuries in Bowie, you must present evidence of fault. Without evidence, you cannot hope to meet the burden of proof against the defendant.

In Uber and Lyft accident cases, victims must prove that it is more likely than not that the defendant caused their injuries. Specifically, there are four elements that must be established. They are that the defendant owed you a duty of care, that the defendant breached their duty of care, that the breach caused your damages, and that you suffered actual damages.

Because your accident involved a rideshare driver, we can establish that they owed you a duty of care by referring to the rideshare app itself. If it was on and you were in the car, in the process of being taken to your drop-off location, it can be established that the driver owed you a duty of care at that time. Furthermore, all drivers owe others a duty of care to act responsibly while driving in Bowie.

The breach of duty of care can be proven using evidence like eyewitness statements and surveillance footage. Such evidence can show how a rideshare driver or other party acted recklessly, directly causing your accident and injuries.

Proving causation is often the trickiest aspect of injury cases. It is not enough to prove that the defendant acted negligently; you must prove that the negligent act caused your injuries. We can accomplish this using your medical records from after the crash as well as pictures and videos from the accident scene.

Finally, you must prove damages. This can be accomplished by submitting records of your financial and emotional losses to the court. Keeping a good account of all damages, such as medical expenses and lost wages, will be important for your case.

Limits on Compensation for Uber and Lyft Accident Victims in Bowie, MD

In Bowie, there are limits on how much victims of Uber and Lyft accidents can recover in certain damages. We can help you calculate your deserved damages and explain how such limits might apply to your case so that you know what to expect regarding your recovery.

According to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 11-108(b)(2)(ii), the cap on non-economic damages for injury victims increases by $15,000 in October of each year. Currently, the limit on recovery of pain and suffering damages in Maryland is $935,000. Remember, this is the most you can recover, not the least. So, to claim the greatest non-economic damages possible in your case, you must submit evidence of your pain and suffering. You can do this by providing personal testimony regarding your mental anguish following an Uber or Lyft accident.

Comparatively, there are no limits on recovery of economic damages. This means that, with sufficient evidence, you can get compensation for all financial damages related to an Uber or Lyft crash in Bowie. Again, although there is no limit on your recovery of economic damages, there is no guarantee that you will claim compensation for all losses. To do so, we will have to provide proof of your out-of-pocket expenses.

In rare cases, victims can recover punitive damages as well. This is only possible if the defendant was grossly negligent in causing your injuries. There is no cap on punitive damages for injury victims in Maryland.

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