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Uber and Lyft are incredibly successful companies that offer ridesharing services to people around the globe. However, despite the success of these companies, there are many Uber and Lyft drivers that have caused a serious accident. If you or a family member was seriously injured in an Uber or Lyft car accident, you should consult with an experienced Rockville Uber and Lyft car accident lawyer.

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Liability for a Rockville Uber + Lyft Car Accident

Uber and Lyft operate in Rockville and across the State of Maryland. As a result, it is foreseeable that a negligent Uber or Lyft driver could cause a serious car accident. When this happens, it is important to understand who is liable for compensating the victims of the accident.

When determining who has the burden of compensating a victim in a car accident, Maryland is an “at-fault” state for auto insurance. This means that the insurance company for the negligent driver will have to compensate the victim of the car accident. To determine fault for a car accident, an insurance company will look at a number of factors:

  • The damage to each vehicle and how it occurred (e.g., rear-end car accident, T-bone car accident)
  • Any adverse weather that may have contributed to the accident
  • Whether a driver was intoxicated at the time of the car crash
  • Whether the violation of a traffic law led to the collision
  • The summary of the cause of the accident by each driver or any witnesses to the accident
  • Reports from law enforcement that investigated the accident
  • Evidence of injuries sustained in the crash

As you might expect, if an Uber or Lyft collides with your vehicle, the negligent driver that caused the accident will be liable for causing your injuries. However, you may also be wondering whether the ridesharing company that employed the driver will also be responsible for the accident.

Both Uber and Lyft hire drivers as independent contractors. Both companies use this employment status to allege that they do not have full control over how their rideshare drivers operate. As a result, Uber and Lyft often avoid being held vicariously liable for the actions of a driver that caused a severe vehicle collision.

Note, however, that Uber and Lyft will provide a victim of a car accident with compensation under certain circumstances. To learn more about the compensation provided by Uber and Lyft after a car accident, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Rockville Uber and Lyft accident attorney.

Compensation Offered by Uber + Lyft After a Car Crash

As mentioned, Uber and Lyft may provide a victim with compensation after a car accident in Rockville. However, there are certain requirements that must be met before Uber or Lyft will provide compensation for a car accident.

There are three scenarios that will affect whether Uber or Lyft will provide compensation for a car crash.

Car Accidents When a Rideshare Driver was not Logged into Uber/Lyft

If a rideshare driver expects to be covered under Uber or Lyft’s insurance policy, they must ensure they are logged into their application when the car accident occurs. If a rideshare driver is not logged into their Uber or Lyft application when they cause a crash, the respective rideshare company will not cover the accident. As a result, the at-fault rideshare driver would be solely responsible for the accident. Under these circumstances, the victim may have to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company or may have to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

If you are unsure whether you can pursue a claim for injuries against Uber/Lyft, our firm can help you determine your legal options.

Car Accidents After a Rideshare Driver has Logged into Their Application

When a rideshare driver has logged into their application but has yet to pick up a passenger, Uber and Lyft will offer limited coverage. Specifically, Uber and Lyft will offer up to $100,000 for injuries, property damage, and other related expenses.

Car Crashes When a Rideshare Driver has Picked Up or is Transporting a Passenger

When a rideshare driver is en route to pick up a fare or is transporting a passenger, Uber and Lyft will offer full coverage for an accident that occurs. Under these circumstances, Uber and Lyft offer up to $1,000,000 for injuries, property damage, and vehicle repairs.

Car accidents can be extremely stressful for a victim. If you are uncertain about your rights after an Uber or Lyft accident, do not wait to speak to an experienced injury attorney.

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