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While wrongful death cases can be difficult to navigate for families of victims, they can be rewarding, especially when a negligent party is held accountable.

Of the many causes of wrongful deaths in Wheaton, many are due to motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and assaults. Hazards on properties might also result in accidents that cause a victim’s death. Regardless, most wrongful death cases are held to a strict three-year filing deadline. Because of this, contacting our attorneys immediately after the death of a loved one to confirm if negligence was the cause will be important. The sooner you act, the sooner we can build and bring your wrongful death claim in Wheaton.

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Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths in Wheaton, MD

A wrongful death is one that is caused by someone’s negligent or intentional wrongful act. Often, such cases arise when a victim is killed in an accident caused by recklessness, like a motor vehicle accident. That said, there are many other incidents that might cause a victim’s wrongful and untimely death in Wheaton.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2022, there were 48 reported auto accident fatalities in Montgomery County, where Wheaton is situated. Any type of motor vehicle accident might cause the death of a victim, but certain kinds, like T-bone and head-on collisions, are often the most common causes of auto accident deaths. In addition to immediate deaths, car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries that eventually lead to the death of a victim, like crushing injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, and spinal cord injuries, among others. After an auto accident that causes the death of your loved one, report it to the police so that there is proper documentation of the event.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, and workers are often at risk of injury or death. Negligence on behalf of construction sites might lead to accidents involving electrocutions and explosions, causing serious injury or possible death of an employee. Passing by a construction site might cause injury or death to pedestrians. For example, a falling object from a construction site might hit a passerby, injuring and possibly killing them. These types of cases can be difficult to navigate, especially if the victim was an employee of the construction site when they died. Our wrongful death lawyers can help you get justice for the victim, whether they were a construction worker or not.

Medical Malpractice

Although we often think of medical professionals as trusted individuals, instances of medical malpractice might cause the wrongful death of a victim in Wheaton. During surgery, doctors might leave foreign objects inside victims, causing serious complications. Failure to properly diagnose and prescribe the necessary medications to patients could also constitute medical malpractice and cause a patient’s death in Wheaton. When medical malpractice is involved, such claims can differ from normal wrongful death cases in some ways, which is why it is important to have our attorneys in your corner when filing.

Premises Liability Incidents

Property owners owe a duty of care to visitors to maintain their properties and ensure they are reasonably safe and free from hazards. Failing to do so might cause an accident that injures a victim. For example, a broken floorboard or loose handrail might cause a victim to fall down the stairs and sustain injuries that lead to their death. Negligent security cases might also be a reason to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Wheaton. For example, if a business owner failed to uphold their duty of care, leading to an assault or accident that caused your loved one’s death, you can sue for wrongful death.

Defective Product Accidents

When products do not work as they should because of the negligence of the manufacturer, accidents that cause a victim’s death might take place, resulting in a lawsuit. That is because manufacturers owe a duty of care to consumers to ensure their products are reasonably safe to use and are affixed with the necessary safety precautions. Failing to do this could cause injury or death, giving victims or their surviving family members a reason to sue for negligence in Wheaton.


In a moment, a physical assault might turn deadly. When this happens, surviving loved ones can sue for wrongful death in Wheaton. If the person who caused the victim’s death was charged with criminal homicide, the window for you to file your claim might differ, according to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 3-904(g)(3). Instead of the accrual date being the date of the victim’s death, it will be the date that the family should have reasonably known the identity of the person responsible. Often, this is when they are officially charged with a crime related to the victim’s death in Wheaton.

Other Incidents

Even if you did not recognize the cause of your family member’s death among the examples listed above, that does not mean you cannot file a lawsuit in Wheaton. Any act of negligence that causes a victim’s death is a reason to sue. Regardless of the accident in question, you will likely only have three years to bring your claim, according to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 3-904(g). The accrual date will be the date of death, not the date the victim was originally injured. So, in the event that the victim was hurt in an auto accident, but did not succumb to their injuries until months later, the clock would begin to count down when they died, not when the accident took place. Our attorneys can help you investigate the cause of the victim’s death to determine whether or not negligence was the culprit and help you proceed accordingly.

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