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People drive for Uber and Lyft to make extra money. However, neither company provides any training for their drivers. Because of the ease of contacting and paying an Uber or Lyft driver, rideshares have grown in popularity throughout the Wheaton, MD area. Whether you are a passenger, another motorist, or a pedestrian, the risk of being in an accident has increased as the number of Ubers and Lyfts on the road increases.

If you were a passenger, another motorist, or pedestrian injured in an accident with an Uber or Lyft, the Rice, Murtha & Psoras could help you seek monetary compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Our Wheaton, MD Uber and Lyft accident lawyers are committed to providing our clients professional and aggressive representation. For a free legal consultation, call (410) 694-7291 today.

Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents in Wheaton, Maryland

Most people realize that driving presents risks. While Uber and Lyft accidents are caused by many of the same reasons other vehicle crashes occur, there are a number of business practices that increase the risk of injury to passengers, motorists, and pedestrians around Wheaton.

Uber and Lyft drivers rely on their smartphone app. it allows them to accept new passengers and communicate with people waiting for a ride. They also utilize their GPS to navigate unknown areas. Each one of these activities can distract a driver’s attention from the road. Distracted driving, no matter the reason, is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Wheaton.

Additionally, Uber and Lyft drivers work to make money. This often means working long shifts, especially on a Friday and Saturday night. When a rideshare driver is tired, their mental and physical capabilities are compromised. While there are some regulations and safeguards to ensure a driver is only on duty for a certain amount of time, many drivers are on the road after working another job. No matter the reason for an accident, our Wheaton attorney is dedicated to holding reckless and careless Uber and Lyft drivers accountable for the harm they cause.

Suing for an Uber or Lyft Accident in Wheaton, MD

Uber and Lyft consider their drivers independent contractors. They provide the technological platform, through a smartphone app, to connect their drivers with potential passengers. This working relationship means that the drivers are effectively self-employed. Therefore, our Wheaton attorney will generally have to sue the driver directly instead of Uber or Lyft.

When an Uber or Lyft driver causes an accident, an injured person will typically have to seek compensation from the driver and their insurance company. This is true whether you were a passenger in the rideshare, another driver, pedestrian, or cyclist. What you can recover will usually depend on the amount of insurance coverage available.

However, both Uber and Lyft maintain third-party insurance coverage that serves as secondary insurance to what their drivers carry. it is important to note that this insurance only goes into effect if the driver’s insurance is insufficient. There is also a distinction between a rideshare driver actively transporting a passenger and being between clients.

The gap insurance would cover up to $1 million for medical costs and injuries if the accident occurred when an Uber or Lyft driver had a passenger or accepted a ride. If the driver was in between rides, the coverage drops to $50,000. When filing a lawsuit, our Wheaton Uber and Lyft attorney will look towards this additional coverage if the driver is uninsured or underinsured.

Damages Available to Wheaton, MD Victims in an Uber + Lyft Lawsuit

What damages you can recover will depend on the type and severity of your injuries. Typically, a person is entitled to financial compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. However, to maximize your potential award, you will probably have to file a lawsuit. An insurance company is not looking to offer you the settlement amount you deserve. In some cases, it is not uncommon for a settlement offer to be insufficient to cover all your medical costs and lost wages. Additionally, an insurance company will rarely take your full pain and suffering into consideration. Our Wheaton attorney will work to maximize your recovery and file a lawsuit if necessary.

Damages are usually broken down into two categories: economic and non-economic. Economic damages are the actual financial losses you have suffered because of your injury. You are entitled to be compensated for your medical expenses, including co-pays, deductibles, and even parking fees for going to a doctor’s appointment. it is crucial to understand that these expenses also include future costs, such as physical therapy or additional surgeries.

If your injury was severe, you could have missed weeks, months, or years of work. In some situations, a car accident victim might not be able to work again. Our Wheaton Uber and Lyft attorney is committed to getting you compensation for your lost wages and the future income you would have earned if you were not hurt.

Non-economic damages are more challenging to understand and calculate. How do you put a monetary value on not being able to play catch with your child? That is our office’s job. You should be able to recover for any mental or physical anguish you experienced due to your injury.

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