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Accidents on the road are common, but accidents involving motorcycles can be especially concerning. Riders are not protected inside a vehicle, and damages might be severe. After such a crash, get help immediately and call a lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents might happen anywhere, but they can be especially dangerous on highways with higher speed limits. They often result from the negligence of other drivers, who often ignore the presence of motorcycle riders. To begin legal action against the person responsible, you should call an attorney and discuss the best way to get compensation. While insurance can be helpful, it does not always help us when we need it. Lawsuits are sometimes necessary to get fair compensation. Damages in your claim could involve significant monetary costs from things like medical bills. You can also claim non-economic injuries like psychological distress and suffering. To support your claims, we need evidence. Photographs from the accident scene, witnesses, and more should be sought out and collected as quickly as possible.

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Where and How a Motorcycle Accident Might Happen in Cambridge, MD

Motorcycle accidents might occur almost anywhere, but they can be incredibly dangerous on highways where speed limits are higher. In Cambridge, U.S. 50, a highway also called Oceans Gateway, runs right through the city and across the Choptank River. Motorcycle riders using Oceans Gateway to get in and out of town are at a higher risk of accidents and should exercise caution.

Once in town, highways like Rt. 343 or 341 might still pose a risk. These highways also have higher speed limits, and negligent drivers might place motorcycle riders at great risk. A rider might be injured while taking their bike out to Wharf Park or somewhere to see sites of the Choptank River.

A common cause of motorcycle accidents is basic traffic violations. When another driver fails to signal a turn, stop at an intersection, or brake in time to avoid a crash, they might severely injure a motorcycle rider. Speed is a major factor in these kinds of accidents, as a motorcycle rider might be thrown from their bike if the other driver is speeding.

A phenomenon that plagues riders is something called inattentional blindness. This refers to the way that drivers seem to completely ignore motorcycle riders, even when they are in plain sight. Drivers often flat out ignore motorcycle riders. Then they try to blame them for the accident, saying things like “They came out of nowhere.” Call a lawyer immediately to protect your rights and get compensation for your injuries.

How to Begin a Claim for Damages After a Motorcycle Accident in Cambridge, MD

There are a couple of ways in which a motorcycle accident victim might initiate legal action. Typically, injured riders begin with an insurance claim. Maryland is considered a fault-based or tort state when it comes to auto insurance. This means you would file a third-party claim against the other driver’s insurance company and have to prove that the other driver is responsible.

For some, an insurance claim is all that is required. Even so, it is best to proceed with the aid of a lawyer. Insurance companies are not exactly known for playing fair, and having a skilled attorney by your side might help you get fair compensation with less hassle from the insurance company.

For many, insurance does not pan out, and a lawsuit is necessary to recoup their losses. Lawsuits are more extensive, time-consuming, and procedurally complicated. As such, you will want a lawyer to assist you. Lawsuits take time to prepare, and you need evidence and an estimate of your damages just to get started. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can make sure you have all the necessary information to get started while devising legal strategies to benefit your case.

Damages to Consider in Cambridge, MD Motorcycle Accident Cases

Damages from motorcycle collisions are often quite severe. Riders are more vulnerable to injuries since they are not inside an enclosed car. On top of that, motorcycles are much smaller than standard cars, and they are more likely to take significant damage in a crash.

Property damage in these kinds of cases might be significant. The most expensive bit of property damage is likely your motorcycle. In many cases, bikes are damaged beyond repair, and a new one may be extremely expensive. The negligent driver who hit you should have to pay for any repairs or a replacement.

Your medical costs should also be evaluated, as they are likely to be through the roof. As said, motorcycle riders are very susceptible to injuries, and the necessary medical care is likely expensive. Keep track of all the treatment you receive and the bills from every doctor visit, as all these costs should be added to your total damages.

Your injuries might be bad enough that you have trouble returning to work. It is normal for accident victims to take time off from work to recover, and some need a more extended leave of absence. The income you lose because you cannot work might be substantial and must be accounted for in your damages.

Non-economic damages include injuries that take an emotional or psychological toll rather than a financial one. Pain, suffering, and humiliation are just a few of the possible non-economic damages you might claim. Since these damages are very subjective, the jury has the final say on how much they are worth.

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