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Do Insurance Companies Ever Intentionally Delay the Claims Process?

Filing an insurance claim is always a nerve-racking experience. Waiting for a claim to be resolved can be frustrating, but insurance companies sometimes make you wait much longer than necessary. Insurance companies may delay the claims process for various reasons. While some reasons are valid, others are not, and you should speak to an attorney […]

Can You Get Money for Emotional Damage Following a Car Accident in MD?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you can recover money not only for your financial losses but also for the emotional damages you suffered as a result of your injuries. However, emotional damages can be difficult to calculate since they are non-economic losses. Fortunately, our Maryland car accident attorneys can help determine […]

How to Get Medical Records for a Personal Injury Lawsuit in MD

If you have been injured on account of another person’s conduct, you could be entitled to recover compensation in a Maryland personal injury lawsuit. However, you might need to obtain copies of your medical records first. While getting your medical records can sometimes be a confusing process, our Maryland personal injury attorneys can help. You […]

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