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Rachel Morin’s Family Reacts to the Sketch of Killer

Press Release Harford County, Maryland – February 13, 2024 – A sketch of Rachel Morin’s killer is offering hope to her family that an arrest is imminent. It has been just over six months since the tragic disappearance and subsequent murder of Rachel Morin, a mother of five and beloved member of the Harford County […]

What is Considered Emergency Room Malpractice in Maryland?

When you go to the emergency room, you expect to be seen and treated appropriately. If there are problems during or after your visit, that might be because you were a victim of emergency room medical malpractice in Maryland. Even in emergency room settings, medical professionals owe a duty of care to patients. This means […]

What Can Cause Blindness in Infants?

If you recently learned that your infant is blind, it could be because they were injured at birth by a negligent doctor or medical professional. Such birth injuries are serious and often require compensation. Blindness in infants might occur for any number of reasons, including because of negligence exhibited by a delivering doctor during birth. […]

Do Inconsistencies in My Statements Hurt My Maryland Injury Case?

If you leave out some details when making a statement in relation to an accident, only to include them at a later date, your compensation claim might be jeopardized in Maryland. There are several instances when victims might be asked to give some sort of statement about an accident. For example, when you are at […]

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