July 20, 2020

Can I Sue Someone’s Homeowners Insurance in Maryland?

If you were injured at someone else’s house at a party, as an overnight guest, or while stopping by, you might be entitled to compensation from their homeowners insurance for any medical bills and other damages caused by the accident. However, the process of how...

July 17, 2020

I Was Injured at a Friend’s House in Maryland – What Do I Do?

Accidents involving slip and falls, broken stairways, uneven pavement, and other dangers could lead to surprisingly serious injuries. From a twisted ankle or broken arm all the way up to back and brain injuries, many injuries you could suffer at a friend’s house...

July 16, 2020

How Do I Sue a Store for Injury in Maryland?

Injuries while you are out running errands or shopping at a favorite store could cause no more than an inconvenience, but in many cases, the injuries could be severe enough that they send you to the hospital. When a store’s serious negligence causes you...

July 15, 2020

I Was Injured at Walmart in Baltimore, MD – What Do I Do?

Walmarts are huge buildings with a lot of shelves and items that could cause dangers and injuries. Especially in Walmart Supercenters with groceries and gardening supplies, it is not uncommon for spills and wet spots from refrigerators, dropped items, or even hoses...

July 14, 2020

I Got Injured in a Rear-End Collision in Maryland – What Do I Do?

If you were injured in a rear-end accident in Maryland, you are not alone. Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents in Maryland and across the United States. Typically, if your car is struck from behind, you are rarely to blame. However,...

July 13, 2020

How Do I Sue a Store for Injury in Baltimore?

If you get injured while shopping, you might be able to sue the store for your injuries. Grocery stores, clothing stores, malls, and big-box stores all have some kind of duty to keep the premises safe for their customers, and when unsafe conditions, spills, and...


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