2nd DUI Maryland

2nd DUI in Maryland, What will Happen?

What happens on a 2nd DUI Maryland when you have a pending 1st DUI and you have not gone to court on either of the charges?

“I have not yet gone to court for the first DUI and I just got a 2nd DUI in Maryland.  My first BAC was .12 and the second was .09. Because I have not yet been convicted of my first, am I still eligible for a PBJ for the second? Or am I guaranteed jail time or a license suspension?” James

James, you will first need to meet with a lawyer to discuss both your 1st and 2nd DUI in Maryland.  A DUI conviction can result in jail time in Maryland and it is so important to speak with a lawyer and hire a lawyer for your court appearance.

A first time DUI, with no exaggerating factors, and with the help an attorney that devises a plan to present to the Court, you have a high probability of no jail time.  However, two DUI charges in a short period of time may result in some jail time if you don’t get ahead of the charges and timing.  The outcome will depend on the County or city where you are charged in Maryland. Different Judges in Maryland have different practices, so you want to hire a lawyer that is local and knows the Judges and Assistant State’s Attorneys.

2nd DUI Maryland

Get ahead of these charges and sit down with a DUI attorney as soon as possible, get some ideas on the best course of action and the best strategy to minimize the consequences of a 2nd DUI in Maryland.  I think you are still eligible for a PBJ in one of the DUI cases, but I believe that a 2nd DUI in Maryland, the Judge will not give you a second PBJ because the conviction would be less than 10 years.

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