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Arrest Warrant Maryland – You think you have a warrant in Maryland and you don’t know what to do.  You don’t want the police to come to your work and you don’t want the police to take you away while your children are around?

Don’t panic, call attorney Randolph Rice at 410-288-2900 to discuss your options.

Arrest or Bench warrants can be issued under a number of scenarios, including:

  • Failing to appear in Court;
  • Failing to appear for a violation of probation hearing;
  • Failing to report to probation;
  • Leaving the State of Maryland while on probation;
  • New criminal charges;
  • Failing to make payments during probation;
  • Failing to pay Court costs;
  • Failing to pay fines;

Arrest Warrant Maryland

If you have an arrest warrant in Maryland and the police are looking for you, contact Maryland criminal defense attorney Randolph Rice  for immediate legal help.

Mr. Rice is a Maryland criminal defense attorney.  Before representing clients with pending warrants in Maryland, he was a former Assistant State’s Attorney.  He has also been named a Super Lawyers Maryland Criminal Defense Rising Star for multiple years.

If you have an active warrant, Mr. Rice can file a “Motion to Quash Bench Warrant” and ask the Court to issue a summons for the Court date.

If you don’t want a lawyer to file a motion to ask the Court to recall the warrant, you can turn yourself in.  You will be seen by the commissioner and a bail will be set. However, if the issuing Judge has already set a bail or the Judge did not set a bail, you may have to sit in jail until your trial date.  You could also be brought before the Judge within 24 hours for a bail review hearing.

Arrest Warrant Maryland – Check the Status

Arrest warrants are typically not visible on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search.  The only way to know if you have a warrant is if the police come to your residence and try to serve that arrest warrant.  If you are not home and they speak with someone there or a neighbor, then you would know if there is an arrest warrant for new criminal or traffic charges.

Bench Warrant Maryland

Often, a bench warrant is visible on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search.  The reason you can see bench warrants is there is already a criminal or traffic case in the system and the new bench warrant is docketed and appears in the court’s computer system.

If you have an active warrant in Maryland, including the following counties:

  • Baltimore County;
  • Baltimore City;
  • Harford County;
  • Howard County;
  • Anne Arundel County; or
  • Worcester County.

Call attorney Randolph Rice for immediate legal help and advice at 410-288-2900.

Warrants in Maryland can be disruptive and can be handled by an experienced attorney, don’t take chances with your freedom, contact the office today for immediate legal help.

Meet Attorney Randolph Rice

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One thought on “Arrest Warrant Maryland – Attorney Randolph Rice”

  1. Thank you for the information here, it has been very helpful.
    I would like to see if you could possibly help me with my warrant issue but I have not been employed since September 2015. So I do not have any savings, I do not collect unemployment and do not have any money, to pay my bills including my car insurance I [an handle daily from 7am to 9pm. It is such a hard life but I must keep going as I have to pay my bills and I have no one to pay them for me. So do you offer your services pro Bono to a lucky person? I sure could use you right now as I am in very much trouble as this is a drug charge but I cannot take on another expense and I am beside myself with guilt for missing the hearing, disgust for being arrested and incredibly sorry to all who appeared at the hearing as I wasted all their time.
    I was told by my son not to take a public defender as they may not be the right person for this charge.
    I have however been recently hired for a new job though and started working March 28, 2016 part time at minimum wage, but I got in the door & will work my way up again once I get past this horrific nightmare!! I sincerely love my job & love to work as I have been working since the age of 15 and have only had 5 jobs in my lifetime. I was devastated after loosing each of them since working is my passion but comes second to my family and God.
    The reason I missed my court date Monday March 21; on Sunday March 20, 2016 I became ill with a very high fever of 102.7 luckily I was not feeling well the day before and asked my son if I could stay with him that weekend as I new by the way I was feeling it was going to be a very bad experience. My court date was in Annapolis but by Monday my illness went through me literally (sorry if too graphic) and I was unable to hold anything in my stomach including my spit, I could not even raise my head to vomit and I don’t think I need to go any further on that.
    My hearing was for a misdemeanor and my first arrest ever at age 52. I was considering turning myself in tomorrow morning n Anne Arundel where the incident occurred so maybe I can see a commissioner and be released the same day? But I do not know how this whole process works and I am incredibly scared and have been a nervous wreck since the arrest.

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