Bail Bond Hearing Cash Only and Now You Want to File a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Criminal Defense Lawyers in Towson MD

Has your loved one appeared in the District Court for Baltimore County and the bail was set at cash only or no bail?

Contact the Baltimore County Criminal Defense Attorney, G. Randolph Rice, Jr., owner and founder of the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, at 410-288-2900 or email Mr. Rice for immediate help.  The Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, handles misdemeanor and felony criminal matters in Baltimore County, Harford County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

When a person is arrested in Baltimore County, MD, they are taken to the police precinct and “booked.”  While at the police precinct they are fingerprinted, photographed, and they may be asked to make a statement.  Remember, a person arrested or in custody of the Baltimore County police department do not have to make any statements to the police.  They can kindly ask to speak with a lawyer and questioning should end.  If you believe that you have a warrant in Baltimore County, contact our office at 410-288-2900 to arrange a smooth surrender to the police.

After the arrested individual has been booked, they are then taken to a Court commissioner in one of the Baltimore County District Courts.  There are three district Courts and depending on the time of day they can be taken to either:

Towson District Court, 120 E. Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, Maryland 21286

Essex District Court, 8914 Kelso Drive, Essex, Maryland 21221

Catonsville District Court, 900 Walker Avenue, Catonsville, Maryland 21228

When the arrested individual arrives at the District Court, they are taken before a Court commissioner to be read the charges, review the state of charges, determine if there is probable cause to charge the arrested individual and set a bail for the individual.  The Court commissioner can release the person on their own reconizance, set a cash bail, set a bail that can be paid by a bail company, or set a no bail.

If the person is arrested on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, then they will appear before a District Court Judge on the next business day for a bail review hearing.  If the person is arrested on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, then they will appear before a District Court Judge on the following Monday for their bail review hearing.

Cash Only Bail in Baltimore County, Maryland

In the past couple of months, the Judges in the District Court for Baltimore County have been setting cash only bails for individuals charged with a crime.  What this means is the person must post that amount in cash to the Court for their release pending trial.  If they have a $25,000.00 cash only bail, then the accused must post $25,000.00 to the Court Clerk to be released.

If your loved one has pending charges and is awaiting trial on a cash only bail then you have an option.  A lawyer can file a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, or as most people refer to them as a “Habeas.”

A Hebeas can only be filed if the charges have not been forwarded to the Circuit Court.  So if the Defendant has been indicted or the case has been forwarded then the Defendant cannot file a petition for Writ of Heabeas Corpus.  If the case has not been forwarded to Circuit Court, then we can still file for a habeas.  Contact the office at 410-288-2900 for information on filing a habeas in Baltimore County.

Once the habeas is filed we will arrange with the Court the first available date for the hearing.  Typically, the hearing will be within 3 or 4 days after the filing of the habeas.  At the hearing, the same issues will be considered by the Judge to determine the appropriate bail for the case.

Contact the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, at 410-288-2900 to schedule a free consultation to discuss filing a habeas in Baltimore County, MD.

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