Second Degree Assault Maryland Laws and Penalties

If you live in the state of Maryland and you have been charged with second degree assault, then you should be aware of the possible second degree Maryland laws & penalties that you could face. Despite the fact that an assault second degree charge is not as serious as being charged with first degree assault and/or battery, you could still be sentenced up to ten years in prison, according to Maryland State law.

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It is of the utmost importance that you seek an attorney with expertise in this area of law to significantly decrease your chances of going to prison. Experienced  lawyers are very knowledgeable of the laws, and the right lawyer can represent you in court, which could enable you to be required to only pay a fine or have your case dismissed. Not only are assault and battery attorneys familiar with the law, but they can use the law to their advantage—and yours. Maryland law states that a second degree assault charge could result in a fine of up to $5,000 is charged as a felony, and up to $2,500 if considered a misdemeanor.

Second Degree Assault Maryland laws and penalties Attorney

A lawyer representing you in this type of case case could assist you with attempting to receive the lowest possible sentence and prevent a misdemeanor from becoming charged as a felony. The attorney will conduct an investigation to find out if there is any helpful evidence which could allow you to receive a reduced sentence or be found not guilty. That attorney will also interview any witnesses who might be able to provide any useful information.

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Second Degree Assault and your future

Future employment is another important reason why you should hire an experienced attorney to represent you in your second degree assault case. Even though you will have a police record regardless of the charge, a misdemeanor would be a lot easier to explain and look a lot better when seeking employment in the future. Many employers are more lenient if a person has a misdemeanor on their record, but most have a zero tolerance for those with felonies on their records.  If you are found guilty or enter into a plea, you want an attorney that can argue for probation before judgement (PBJ).  A PBJ can be expunged from your record and will not be visible to the public after a certain period of time. With so much competition, many employers who notice that you have been convicted of a felony will simply dispose of your application and move on to the next candidate.

Misdemeanor Second Degree Assault Maryland Laws

In the state of Maryland, second degree assault is classified as a misdemeanor.

Felony Second Degree Assault Maryland Laws

However, if you assaulted a police or probation officer, then you could be charged with a felony. A felony is, of course, a great deal more serious and you have a greater chance of spending time behind bars.

Hire a 2nd Degree Assault Lawyer

So instead of taking a chance and possibly receiving the highest possible punishment for the crime you committed, you should seriously consider obtaining a knowledgeable lawyer to represent you. Not only could the attorney keep you out of prison, but he or she could also prevent you from paying the highest penalty. You certainly don’t want to caught in court without an attorney, as it will appear as if you aren’t taking possible charges seriously, which could also increase your chances of receiving a more severe sentence.

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